Riley Biederer Chats Music and Stardom!

Riley Biederer is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta who broke onto the music scene with incredible covers and engaging videos. We spoke to the artist in a recent interview!Riley Biederer

Riley Biederer came from a musical background, and got deeply invested in singing herself when she was 8 or 9 years old.

"My grandma was a well known singer in Chicago and my mom can sing a little and play the piano also!" she said.

She was about 13 years old when she took up the guitar.

"It just seemed like the go-to instrument for singers and songwriters," she explained. "I had a friend who played and that also made me want to play."

She explained that the writing process is never quite the same. Sometimes the melody comes first, and sometimes the lyrics do. Her songs are based on her life.

"I get inspiration from my friends or family's experiences or more frequently my personal ones," she said.

While her biggest musical inspiration is Taylor Swift, she is influenced greatly by Rihanna, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and more as an artist.

She was first motivated to share her music with the world via YouTube by Justin Beiber, and her popularity just grew from there.

"I try and pick songs that are most likely to be searched for on YouTube," she explained. "Songs that are just peaking to top of the charts or songs that are already there."

But most importantly, she often chooses the tracks she does because she loves them.

"Those ones aren't always well known, just ones that I feel like doing," she said. "I try and keep the song as much like the artist but adding my own flare to it is sort of a given because of the stripped down versions I usually do."

When Riley makes music videos, she prefers to record the track in the studio first and record the video for it later as if it's a music video.

"It's so much more artistic in the way that I can not only play in the video but make it more my own with candid shots or without the instrument," she said. "I have my photographer/videographer and he's amazing so it's so fun."

She had some words of advice for other artists who aspire to make it big.

"Honestly just get yourself out there," she said. "Open mics at small restaurants or bars may seem like small gigs but you'll never get anywhere bigger unless you start at the bottom and put your music and talent out there."

She also stressed the importance of being yourself.

"From the beginning, stay true to the style and music that you want to make," she said. "Never be something you're not and don't let anyone tell you change where your heart is. People will see right through it."

Riley also told us that she is working on signing a publishing deal for her songwriting!

"Hopefully we'll go for a record deal and then we'll finally take all those songs I've been writing for the past two years and start putting a record together," she said.

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