Rising Country Stars We NEED To See On Radio Disney Country

It's time to freak out, because Radio Disney Country is here! We are so ready to listen to it 24/7 to hear all of our faves. And we def want to make the recommendation that our favorite rising country artists get some air time, too! What do you say, Radio Disney?!


Artist: Danielle Bradberry

Our Fave Song: "Young In America" is always playing whenever we go on a road trip.

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: We listen to Danielle's songs and automatically just want to go on an adventure with our squad.


Artist: Cassadee Pope

Our Fave Song: We blast "I Am Invincible" when we need to lift our spirits after a rough day.

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: Cassadee literally SLAYS! Her vocals are insane and she's super inspiring with her lyrics.


Artist: Tegan Marie

Our Fave Song: Her cover of Carrie Underwood's "Mama's Song" is SO beautiful!

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: Tegan is only 12 years old and she already has one AMAZING voice! She's destined to be a star.


Artist: Jackie Lee

Our Fave Song: We're convinced he secretly wrote "Headphones" about us.

Why He Needs To Be On RD Country: Jackie's songs always get us dancing and put us in a great mood.


Artist: Mickey Guyton

Our Fave Song: "Somebody Else Will" is LIFE!!!!

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: Girl just gets us! Plus, her name is 'Mickey' so obviously her songs HAVE to be played on Radio Disney Country!


Artist: Cam

Our Fave Song: We will never stop listening to "Burning House"!

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: Cam has a hauntingly beautiful voice that we could listen to for hours on end.


Artist: Logan Brill

Our Fave Song: We relate to "I Wish You Loved Me" on a spiritual level.

Why She Needs To Be On RD Country: All of Logan's songs are so relatable that it's kind of scary, but we love that we can place ourselves in each of her songs.


Artist: Waterloo Revival

Our Fave Song: We're down to "Hit The Road" with these two!

Why They Need To Be On RD Country: They are our baes! Do we even need an excuse to listen to them more than we should?!


We adore Tegan Marie and we're so positive she will become your latest obsession after you read this post!