Anyone Who Wants to Be Riverdale's Betty Cooper Needs These Items

From her pastel wardrobe to her classic ponytail, Riverdale's Betty Cooper is nothing short of an icon.

Everybody wants to be this girl next door, and it's not just because she's dating Jughead.

While we can't physically be this intelligent and caring gal, we can at least exude Betty vibes with some clothes, accessories and decor pieces inspired by her.

Scroll below for all the items you need to basically be Betty!

Betty meeting Veronica on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

Crown iPhone Case: $24.37

This case is so subtle, only true Riverdale fans will get it.

crown iphone case

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Betty Cooper's Journal: $14.90

If you want to be Betty, you have to write like her, too.

Betty Cooper's journal from Hot Topic

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'Classic Betty' Baseball Tee: $28.95

Betty is the epitome of classic.

Classic Betty baseball tee from Etsy

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'The Girl Next Door' Candle: $26

Now you room will smell just like Betty's.

The Girl Next Door candle from Etsy

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River Vixens-Inspired Necklace: $11.21

You can't physically join the River Vixens, but that doesn't mean you can't casually rep them. Make Betty proud.

River Vixens-inspired necklace from Etsy

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Vanilla Milkshake Lapel Pin: $10.84

No one loves vanilla milkshakes as much as Betty, except maybe you?

Vanilla milkshake lapel pin from Etsy

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'Don't Make Me Go Dark Betty on You' T-Shirt: $22.90

A fair warning to all who decide to cross you.

Dark Betty t-shirt from Hot Topic

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'What Would Betty Cooper Do?' Keychain: $8

A question you should always ask yourself.

What Would Betty Cooper Do? keychain from Etsy

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Betty Cooper-Inspired Bow: $7.50

Adorn your ponytail with this cutesy accessory.

Betty Cooper-inspired bow from Etsy

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Are you and your bestie basically Betty and Veronica? You guys have to get THESE items for each other.