If Your Relationship Is Like Betty and Jughead's, You and Your S.O. Need These Items

Betty and Jughead are the most iconic couple to come out of Riverdale.

There aren't two people more perfect for each other… except for you and your S.O., of course.

We're guessing your relationship is fairly similar to Bughead's, seeing as you ended up here. If that is indeed the case, you and your S.O. need these items inspired by the duo to showcase your love for one another.

Betty and Jughead talking to Archie on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

'I Wanna Know Who You Are' Necklace: $20

Easily one of the sweetest things Betty has ever said to Jughead, this necklace serves as a reminder to both you and your S.O. that you can tell each other anything.

I wanna know who you are Bughead necklace from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Betty and Jughead Earbuds: $11.92

Whenever you and your S.O. are listening to music, you'll still be thinking of each other with these earbuds popped in.

Betty and Jughead earbuds from Hot Topic

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Betty and Jughead Buttons: $1.76

Sport these so everyone knows you're basically Bughead IRL.

Betty and Jughead buttons from Etsy

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'Weirdo' Necklaces: $8.72

The perfect couples necklace for a duo of weirdos.

Weirdo Riverdale necklaces from Hot Topic

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Betty and Jughead Mug: $18

No better way to start the morning than by sipping coffee from a mug that reminds you of your S.O.

Betty and Jughead mug from Etsy

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'You're the Jughead to My Betty' Poster: $26.83

The perfect gift for your S.O.

Jughead to Betty poster from Redbubble

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'I'm a Weirdo' Pin: $7

Freely be weirdos together.

Werido pin from Etsy

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Betty and Jughead Journal: $20.84

Fill the pages of this journal with your favorite relationship moments.

Betty and Jughead journal from Redbubble

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'I Would Do the Serpent Dance for You' Greeting Card: $4.67

Only the two of you would understand this card.

Serpent Dance greeting card from Etsy

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Have a bestie who's the V to your B? You definitely need THESE Riverdale items in your life.