How to Dress Like Your Fave Riverdale Character Every Day

The characters on Riverdale always wear the most enviable outfits.

We'd give just about anything to raid their wardrobes, including Archie's and Jughead's.

Seeing as, for most of us, a trip to Riverdale's wardrobe department is pretty much impossible, we've found a way to dress like our fave Riverdale residents every day.

Keep scrolling to see the Riverdale-inspired ensembles we assembled.

Veronica Lodge

Veronica exudes Blair Waldorf vibes, but with a bit more attitude. Her wardrobe is filled with darker, more mysterious colors, like black, navy blue and plum.

Veronica giving away some of her clothes to Ethel on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

To steal Veronica's look, start off with some black heels. They don't have to be super high heels, but they should have a bit of lift to them. A plaid skirt paired with a sleeveless top or a casual black dress are your wardrobe staples. The only time Veronica wears shorts is when she's at River Vixens practice. For accessories, a simple charm bracelet will do the trick. Of course, you can't forget her iconic pearl necklace. She wouldn't be Veronica Lodge without it.

Shop Veronica Lodge's look HERE.

Riverdale's Veronica Lodge-inspired outfit

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Betty Cooper

Betty keeps things pretty simple. She generally wears sneakers, jeans and a top, layered with either a cardigan or a sweater. She loves her pastels, too.

Betty Cooper from The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

Kick off your Betty-inspired look by sporting some white sneakers and a pair of your favorite jeans. The pants can't be ripped though. They must be in pristine condition. Next, opt for a white T-shirt and throw on a pastel pink cardigan. You could even wear a pastel sweater of your choice, depending on the weather. Finish off the look with Betty's signature high-pony and a simple pair of earrings. Nothing too fancy here.

Shop Betty Cooper's look HERE.

Riverdale's Betty Cooper-Inspired Outfit

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Archie Andrews

There's not much to Archie's style. He keeps things casual and laidback by opting for comfort above all else.

Archie Andrews in The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

Start your look with a pair of sneakers. They can be any sneakers, as long as they're comfortable. Next, throw on some light-washed jeans. They shouldn't be skinny jeans, so we suggest sporting your fave pair of mom jeans. As far as tops go, you can wear just about any graphic tee your little heart desires. We went with a band tee, because of Archie's love for music. Top it all off with a letterman jacket, just like Archiekins'. If you don't have one, borrow one from your dad, brother, bestie, neighbor, etc. Odds are someone will have a letterman jacket.

Shop Archie Andrews' look HERE.

Riverdale's Archie Andrews-inspired outfit

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Jughead Jones

Just like Jughead, there are many layers to his everyday look. He keeps it pretty casual, but you won't ever catch him out and about wearing fewer than three layers.

Jughead Jones on The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

The foundation of Jughead's look is a pair of rugged boots. You could also get away with wearing sneakers if boots aren't your thing. Working our way up, black skinny jeans are the only bottoms you'll need to pull off this look. Next, throw on a graphic tee in either gray, black or white. Tie any flannel you have around your waste and then pop on a fleece-lined denim jacket to finish off the look. Also, you can not forget to sport a beanie. Make it a simple gray one, like Jughead's, or an exact replica you find online. The choice is yours.

Shop Jughead Jones' look HERE.

Riverdale's Jughead Jones-inspired outfit

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Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl is a fiery ball of sass—and the same goes for everything she wears. She's elegant and sultry, never leaving the house without a bit of red in her ensemble.

Cheryl Blossom on The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

Start with some cute black booties, or any pair of heels you feel comfortable wearing. We paired a red long-sleeve top with a faux leather skirt, but a plaid skirt would work just as well. Cheryl never leaves the house without a broach, so ask your mom if you can borrow one of hers. No Cheryl-sanctioned outfit is complete without a striking red handbag. Apply a vivid red lipstick and you're good to go.

Shop Cheryl Blossom's look HERE.

Riverdale's Cheryl Blossom-inspired outfit

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Josie McCoy

Josie is a star, and she dresses like one. Never without her trusty cat ears and lots of cheetah print, Josie struts the halls of Riverdale High like she means it. If anyone knows how to stand out in a crowd, it's this rockstar.

Josie McCoy playing guitar in The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

To properly exude Josie vibes, start with knee-high boots. Then pair a black skirt with a cheetah-printed tank (obvi) and layer that with your trusty leather jacket. Josie is the queen of accessorizing. She always has a stack of bracelets on one wrist and a choker clipped around her neck. If you don't want to wear cat ears, wearing cat earrings is the way to go. It's subtle, but it gets the job done.

Shop Josie McCoy's look HERE.

Riverdale's Josie McCoy-inspired outfit

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