If the Riverdale Characters Were on Instagram, This Is What They'd Post

Ever wondered what the characters of Riverdale would post if they had Instagram accounts?

Insta user @veronicabombshell did, so she dove deep into the minds of our fave town residents to imagine exactly what each of them would share on IG.

Check out their feeds below!

Archie Andrews

We like to think Archie would only share shots of his abs, but we don't doubt he'd post a ton of cute pics of Veronica for everyone to appreciate. He's such a great boyfriend!


Betty Cooper

Sweet Betty would post an equal mix of photos with her family and friends. She'd always make sure no one feels left out on her feed.


Veronica Lodge

Veronica's account would be nothing less than perfection. From her flawless selfies to her candids with Betty, every single thing she posts would deserve a double tap.


Jughead Jones

As surprising as it may seem, Jughead would totally have an Insta account. While you may suspect it'd be dedicated to food, he'd def share plenty of selfies with Betty, Archie and Veronica.


Cheryl Blossom

Without a doubt, every shot that Cheryl shares is going to be straight-up fire. She's always looking 100 and coming in with the sassy comments, as well.


Kevin Keller

Being the best BFF he is, Kevin would post a ton of selfies with his tight-knit crew. Betty would definitely leave some sweet comments on all his pics, too.


Toni Topaz

Toni can't help but showcase her Southside Serpents pride. We don't blame her, especially when you get to sport a leather jacket that cool. She'd also share some pics of her girl, Cheryl, with the world.


Alice Cooper

It's a no-brainer that Alice wouldn't be able to resist bragging about her children to her legion of IG followers. But don't put it past her to toss in a sultry selfie whenever she gets the chance.


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