10 Reasons 'Dark Betty' Is All of Us During Finals Week

When it comes to our favorite show, Riverdale, everyone is pretty clear on whether they're a total Betty or a Veronica.

But while we may usually be either the inquisitive blonde or the vivacious brunette, there's no denying that all of us become the elusive Dark Betty during finals week.

She's mysterious, she's misunderstood, she's deeply, deeply in need of a strong cup of coffee.

Keep reading for all the reasons that Dark Betty is actually all of us during the stressful and dreaded finals week.

P.S. If you aren't caught up on all episodes, beware of spoilers below:

1. She's Hyper Focused on Every Little Task

Sure, attention to detail is key during finals week, but we know Dark Betty is coming out when she just can't stop scrubbing that apple! Likewise, you become a perfectionist when answering each question of your study guide.


2. She's Downright Obsessive

Just like Dark Betty, you won't stop until you've completed what you set out to do. Whether that's punishing the behavior of a lewd, crude rude bag of pre-chewed food dude (Pan's words, not mine) or memorizing every important date in history (literally), neither of you can stop. But you should really just stop. Just stop.


3. She's Straight-Up Exhausted

You and Dark Betty both need some serious shut-eye. It may actually be sleep deprivation that is causing all of this topsy-turvy behavior. We know a lot is weighing on both of your minds, but everything looks brighter in the morning.


4. She Beats Herself Up Over Things That Are Out of Her Control

We didn'ask for this life. We didn'choose finals week. But inevitably it arrives and all we can do is move forward. Like Dark Betty, we want to beat ourselves up over the lectures we didn't pay attention to and the math equations we didn't memorize before. But, breathe (both of you) because you can't control everything in life.

Betty's hand scars

(Riverdale via The CW)


5. She Becomes a Different Person Who No One Recognizes

Dark Betty may don a black wig, but like her, you dress completely unlike yourself during finals week. Whether it means you attend class in your pajamas or you forgo your typical makeup routine, you're simply unrecognizable to your friends and loved ones.

Dark Betty in black wig

(Riverdale via The CW)


6. She Spends More Time on the Computer Than She Should

It's no doubt that Chick has brought some villainous practices into the Cooper household. Dark Betty now spends too much time on her computer just like you. While you're busy cram-studying for those coveted straight 'A's, you're also slowly melting your mind in front of that screen. Look away!


7. She Doesn't Know When to Stop

It's safe to say that Dark Betty gets carried away. Yes, she's on a mission, but she tends to take things a little too far. Maple syrup, anyone? But just like her, you don't know when to stop studying. In the haze of finals week, it may seem necessary to make a flashcard for every member of every royal family… ever. But trust us when we say it's not.

Dark Betty pouring maple syrup on Chuck

(Riverdale via The CW)


8. She Feels Pressure to Complete Tasks That She Knows Aren't Fair

Whether or not it seems fair to shoulder all the work of a final group project, we both know you do it anyway. After all, if you want something done right, then you'll just have to do it yourself. Dark Betty, too, is prone to performing these unfair tasks, such as the "Serpent Dance." Jughead may want to know why but we already know the answer: finals week.

Betty singing Mad World

(Riverdale via The CW)


9. She Becomes a Little Bit Scary to Those Who Love Her

Finals week isn't a great look on you, we're sorry to say. With twice as much stress and half as much personal hygiene, you're becoming a little bit scary to your friends and family. Dark Betty feeeeels this pressure as well and it's equally concerning to Alice and Veronica.

Betty with a crazy look on her face

(Riverdale via The CW)


10. She Simply Isn't Herself

That's it. While Dark Betty may be mysterious in a way that's both alluring and concerning, she just isn't the Betty Cooper we've grown to love. Like Dark Betty, this finals week person might be a version of yourself, but it isn't the real you! Thankfully you'll likely snap out of your alter ego once finals are over, but in the meantime, we just don't recognize you.


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