10 Enamel Pins Every Diehard Riverdale Fan Needs to Rep Their Fandom

If you're a Riverdale fan, you're not afraid to announce it to the world.

In fact, you could spend countless hours chatting anyone's ear off about The CW drama.

But there's an even better way to express your love of the series—enamel pins.

Scroll below for 10 pins every diehard fan needs to rep the Riverdale fandom.

Jughead Burger Enamel Pin: $11

The nod to Jughead is so subtle with this pin, that only hardcore fans will appreciate it.

Jughead burger enamel pin from Etsy

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Betty, Veronica and Cheryl Pins: $25.80

All hail the holy trinity.

Betty, Veronica and Cheryl enamel pins from Etsy

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Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe Pin: $7

Dreaming of the day we can actually visit this diner.

Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe pin from Etsy

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Riverdale High Pin: $10.03

R is for Riverdale and nothing else.

Riverdale High enamel pin from Etsy

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Twin Peaks Meets Riverdale Pins: $12.75

Riverdale draws inspo from elements of the '90s cult classic, so these pins are a necessity for sure.

Twin Peaks meets Riverdale pins from Etsy

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Jughead Beanie Pins: $9.50

Rock the same pins as Jug on any hat you wear.

Jughead beanie pins from Etsy

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Southside Serpents Pin: $14.03

A Serpent never sheds their skin.

Southside Serpents pin from Etsy

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Bughead Enamel Pin: $4

Where are all the Bughead shippers at?

Bughead enamel pin from Etsy

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Archie Letterman Jacket Pin: $10.75

Since Archie can't give us his letterman jacket, this pin will suffice.

Archie letterman jacket pin from Etsy

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Jughead Black Heart Enamel Pin: $10.50

So everyone knows who your heart belongs to.

Jughead black heart pin from Etsy

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