6 Riverdale Fan Theories That Better Not Be True

We are now officially into season two of Riverdale, and the fan theories are getting juicy.

Below are six speculative situations about our fave show that we desperately hope are untrue!

1. Joaquin Is Betty's Brother

Alice openly admitted to Betty that she had a baby and gave it up for adoption before Betty and Polly were even born. What makes this theory even more twisted, is many are speculating Joaquin is the son of Alice and FP, Jughead's father. We hope this fan theory isn't true because that would make Joaquin both a half-brother to Betty and Jughead, and because Betty and Jughead are #relationshipgoals, it puts a weird damper on Bughead's relationship.

Next week, the boys are back in town!Where's Jug? ???? #riverdale #lovetriangle?

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2. Archie Is a Blossom

We know red hair is a Blossom family trait. Back in season one, Cheryl told Archie how much he looks like her late brother Jason. Could that be a clue Archie is Cheryl's brother? Or could Archie's mom be the sister to the late Mr. Blossom? As much as we love a good plot twist, we'd never want Archie to have Blossom blood in his veins.

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3. There's Supernatural in Riverdale

There are speculations that we start to see supernatural elements in Riverdale. There have been references to Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. After all, she lives in the town where Ms. Grundy was killed. There has also been some speculation that Mrs. Cooper has magic powers and will pass them down to Betty and Polly. We're really hoping this isn't true. As much as we'd love to see Sabrina the Teenage Witch come into the story, we're not about the supernatural coming to Riverdale. That one is for the comics.

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4. Betty and Jughead Are Not Endgame

As much as it pains my heart, we've heard rumors of a new female serpent in town. Toni is the new girl who comes into the picture and may shake things up for Betty and Jughead's relationship. This better not be true because Betty and Jughead are goals, and Jughead dating a serpent just sounds like bad news.

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5. This Is All One of Jughead's Stories

This fan theory blew my mind, but I still wouldn't want it to be true. Riverdale is told to us through Jughead's perspective. Some fans think this is all one of his fictional tales. Could he still be an outcast making up these stories, never having really dated Betty or lived with Archie? Anything is possible in Riverdale, but we're too invested in the story for it to just be something made up.

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6. Hal Cooper Shot Fred Andrews

Those green eyes under the mask of the shooter do look familiar, but we're not sold on Mr. Cooper. We see the resemblance, yet we're not invested enough in Mr. Cooper's story to believe he would want to shoot Fred. Mr. Cooper does seem a little sketchy, but not sketchy enough to kill the way The Angel of Death has been killing in Riverdale.


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