7 Fun Facts Only a Diehard Riverdale Fan Will Know

Riverdale gives us the ultimate suspense every week.

While we continue our journey to figuring out all of the towns secrets, let's take a break and enjoy these seven fun facts below that all diehard fans should know:

1. The Show Films in Vancouver

Though Riverdale is a fictional town, you'd think it films here in the United States. But it actually films in Vancouver, Canada. K.J. Apa said in an interview that he thinks Vancouver's kind of boring, but we have no doubt that this close-knit cast manages to keep each other entertained (regardless of their environment).


2. We've Never Heard Jason Blossom Speak

Jason Blossom has been in nine episodes and has never spoken. Interesting, right? Think about it. He died in episode one, but even with all the flashback scenes of him, we've never heard him talk. Doesn't this now make you curious what he sounds like?


3. Riverdale's Opening Credits Are the Same as Pretty Little Liars

The aerial shot of the town and school they use in the opening credits is the exact same set and shot as the one used on Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls. As we told you back in June, this popular location can be found on a tour of Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California.


4. K.J. Apa Was Casted After a Several Month-Long Worldwide Talent Search

You'd think the star of Riverdale would be one of the first people cast in the show. That was not the case. It was following the casting of several other major characters that the town landed its favorite redhead.

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5. Casey Cott Auditioned for Archie and Jughead

Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller, first went in for the role of Archie. When he didn't get it, the studio asked him back to read for the role of Jughead. Lucky for us, neither worked out, so we ended up with the perfect Kevin instead!


6. Cole Sprouse Took a Break From Acting

The former Disney star stopped acting for a while to study Archeology at NYU. Jughead is the first role he snagged when he decided to come back to acting, which hadn't been since 2011.


7. There Have Been Two Dilton Doileys

Major Curda now plays the role of Dilton Doiley, but in the pilot episode it was someone completely different—an actor by the name of Daniel Yang. No one is certain why there was a casting change, but if anyone has the inside scoop, we're all ears.


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