12 Memes That Will Capture Everyone's Current Feelings About Riverdale

Is it just me, or has Riverdale gone completely off the rails?

Things were always a little odd in this tiny town, but lately it's hard to even keep track of what's going on. A Gargoyle King? A prison fighting ring? Archie getting mauled by a bear? Riverdale is falling apart!

If you're just as confused as I am, keep scrolling for 12 memes that will capture everyone's current feelings about Riverdale. 

1. Reggie was just waiting for his chance:


2. No matter what happens, we will always stan Choni:


3. What is the truth?!


4. How is Jughead leading the Serpents?


5. At least we're not alone:


6. But they were endgame:


7. Oh sure, this is fine:



8. Better stay far away from that:

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9. Looks pretty accurate to us:


10. Happiness? What's that?

11. It's probably always been like this:


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