The Riverdale Cast Is Filming Season 3, and We Can't Get Enough of Their Updates

The cast of Riverdale is back in Vancouver, B.C., to shoot Season 3, and that means a couple of incredible things: 1. We're that much closer to the show's return, and 2. They're posting the best social media updates.

We're finally through the worst of the dark spell without Riverdale, and now there's light in the distance.

There was definitely work being done on the series before this week, but now that we can see the proof of it on the internet, it feels more real.

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So far, we've gotten updates from multiple Riverdale stars, including Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch and Casey Cott. The photo above is a perfect example. Lili shared it via Instagram on Tuesday, joking in the caption that it's an "ad for bathrobes." While it could be that, more importantly, it's a reminder that our patience is paying off and Season 3 really is coming.

Madelaine's latest YouTube video served the same purpose. She posted it on Wednesday, and it shows her trip up to Vancouver, via Seattle, Washington. You get to go along for the ride, plus hear about her move-in woes.

Casey also gave us a delightful update involving news of… hair removal. Don't worry; it's funny.

He and Madelaine aren't the only ones having some problems. In multiple tweets from Wednesday, Lili revealed the toll that "vicious mosquitoes" have been taking on her.

Sure, there have been some bumps already, but guys, Season 3 is happening!


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