Riverdale Tweet Recap: Archie Has a Lot to Catch Up On

Welcome back to Riverdale, Arch—everything is now a disaster and the world is burning.

In last night'Riverdale episode, Archie successfully broke out of jail and reunited with all his pals. But considering the town is overrun by a board game that ends in people's death, he might have been better off in juvie.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keep scrolling to see our Riverdale tweet recap for Season 3, Episode 5: "Chapter Forty: The Great Escape."

Riverdale Season 3, episode 5: Cheryl and Toni playing Griffons and Gargoyles in Dilton's bunker

(Riverdale via The CW)

We jump right back in to Jughead playing G+G with the Serpents, which I'm still very upset about.

It's also important to note that for the entirety of the episode, Jughead's narration of Griffins and Gargoyles as the Game Master aligns with what's happening in real life. Coincidence? I think not. 

While Jughead is losing his mind, we cut to Archie's escape attempt in jail. They've managed to turn off the electric fence and, after signaling to two inmates to cause a distraction, Archie, Joaquin and a few other inmates make a run for it. Of course, Joaquin trips and Archie goes back for him, but it doesn't matter anyway because the guards start shooting them with rubber bullets. Short story even shorter, they don't make it out, and Archie is tied to his jail bed and branded by the warden as a punishment.

Still, Archie's doing better than Jughead, who's trying to explain his G+G thought process to Betty. He learns about their parents' past, but just keeps blabbing on and on about how he's going to catch the Gargoyle King by playing the game. If you look past the crazy stare in his eye and his strange word choice, he might have a legitimate point. However, I can't support him while he's in this frame of mind.

Meanwhile, Veronica has finally decided that she's going to pull it together and try to help Archie. She turns to Elio and, after totally ignoring his advice about her speakeasy, asks him to help her get into the jail. He agrees to talk to his dad's friends and see what he can do.

Surprisingly enough, Jughead is getting some opposition from the Serpents about their G+G game. But instead of claiming that the game is dumb and they shouldn't play it, Sweet Pea actually thinks they're not doing enough and wants to take the game off-board. Again I ask, why is the game so cool??

Jughead, however, doesn't stand for this kind of insubordination. To show he's the boss, he puts a can on his head and makes Cheryl shoot it off, which she obviously does perfectly.

Then Jughead challenges Sweet Pea to stand against the tree with the can. When he refuses, because danger, Jughead says he's the leader and he'll decide when they go off-board.

A little later, a very unhappy FP is yelling at Jughead about his continued participation in G+G.

Jughead turns it back on his father and asks about their own experience playing G+G, but FP doesn't have any real answers as to what happened to Principal Featherhead all those years ago. Jughead says that the same person who planned FP's Ascension Night killed Featherhead, and is probably controlling the current G+G game.

Again, it would all sound pretty plausible if Jughead could talk in a coherent sentence and not look like a crazy person.

Back in the world of non-crazy people, Betty tells Josie, Kevin and Reggie what she learned about their parents. She requests that they all ask their own families about it, but when Josie and Kevin sit down with their mom and dad, their parents lie and say that they never knew each other in high school, and they certainly didn't play G+G.

While Betty's crew tries to sort through the complicated web of lies that is their families, Elio has invited Veronica to the jail to watch one of the fights. She tosses on a blonde wig and sneaks right in, immediately recognizing her precious Archiekins.

After his fight, Veronica sneaks into the locker room to talk to Archie. Even though the world is crashing down around them, they waste quite a bit of time not talking about their highly precarious situation, which is annoying.

Eventually they get to the important stuff, and Archie tells Veronica about a drain under the fighting ring that might be the key to his escape. Veronica says she'll do a little research and promises to break him out. She enlists Betty, Josie, Kevin and Reggie to help her, and they begin to concoct a plan.

Betty, ever the optimist, runs to find Jughead and asks for his help with the prison break. Unfortunately, Jughead has already announced to his Serpent crew that they're going to take G+G off-board the next day.

Instead of actually listening to Betty, he starts comparing their prison break mission to his quest, which does not sit well with Betty. She tells Jug to stay in the bunker and play his weird game—she's going to go save Archie.

Also, she's going to take Jughead's bike with her.

Since this prison is completely corrupted, we cut to Archie eating a very fancy dinner with the warden. Unfortunately, Archie picks up on the fact that this is a "last meal" type of thing and uses the opportunity to ask the warden about being framed for murder. The warden admits everything, even telling Archie how much Hiram paid each witness to lie under oath.

Then, in a surprising twist, the warden starts making references to the kingdom, claiming that his soul doesn't belong to the mortal world. It's very G+G-reminiscent language. Yikes.

Later, Joaquin helps Archie prepare for his fight. Ever the sweetheart, Archie tells Joaquin that he might be escaping soon, but he promises to come back for everyone else. Then, Joaquin kisses Archie.


Three seconds after the kiss, Joaquin says that he has to do this if he wants to ascend, and stabs Archie.

Which was honestly quite shocking.

Especially given how much Archie has done for him.

Also, it doesn't make a lot of sense.

And it really puts a damper on our love for Joaquin.

As a side note, Archie's lack of reaction to getting stabbed in the stomach was admittedly a little funny.

Anyway, while Jughead and the Serpents play G+G in the background, Veronica's plan gets underway. It starts with Veronica and Reggie arriving at the jail, featuring V in a blonde wig and quite the flawless outfit. V isn't always my favorite, but I have to admit she looks stunning here.

They head to the door, only to find out they don't have the right password to get in. Being so quick on her feet, Veronica says she's the warden's daughter and basically threatens the security guard. He falls for it and Veronica and Reggie head into the fight.

In the ring, Archie's opponent is finally revealed, and its…(drumroll please)… Mad Dog!

We're so excited he's still living, and we're even more excited about his abs.

Mad Dog starts punching Archie, but Archie refuses to fight back. He tells Mad Dog he has a plan to break out, but Mad Dog says he won't make it unless he has a head start.

It's then that Veronica's plan starts to come to fruition, starting with her impaling Hiram, which was a very satisfying moment.

All the other characters have been doing their part, and Veronica, Reggie and Josie shake up some altered sodas and throw them into the fighting ring, creating a smoke screen that gives Archie enough time to run for the gate. He tries to bring Mad Dog with him, but Mad Dog refuses.


He said he already tried to escape through the grate and couldn't, but tells Archie he'll hold off the guards and give him the headstart he needs.

Betty is waiting at the end of the tunnel to pull Archie out, and their reunion is just as sweet as we imagined it would be.

They hop on the back of Betty's motorcycle and start careening through the woods. I'm very confused about where the prison guards magically got these motorcycles and I'm also going to need Betty to stop looking backwards and keep her eyes on the road, considering Jughead is narrating just how dangerous this drive is.

Betty manages not to crash, but she does run into a line of police officers—it looks like the end for her and Arch. In the most beautiful twist of the episode, however, "Arch" takes off his helmet and reveals that it's been Kevin on the back of the motorcycle the whole time.

I love me a good switcheroo, but the warden doesn't. He demands to know where Archie is, referring to him as the Red Paladin, which is what Jughead has been calling him in the game of G+G.

Betty doesn't appreciate the warden's anger, and threatens to mace him if he doesn't let her and Kevin go. For some unknown reason, he backs down and returns to the jail.

We switch back to Jughead playing G+G, where he's informing his team that he's not sure if their mission was successful. At that exact moment, Archie falls into the bunker. Like, literally falls. Apparently helping him descend the ladder was too much for his pals who just broke him out of prison.

Jughead runs over and seems happy, but I'm personally suspicious of his motives.

While Archie is resting in the bunker, he also starts asking questions about what he missed, reminding us all that good ol' Arch has a lot to catch up on.

Veronica demands that everyone in the bunker keep Archie's escape and their part in it a secret. The problem is there's like 12 people who know about it, which seems like a lot of people to trust. Odds that this all goes downhill within a matter of days are very high.

We flip back to the warden, who has G+G cards in front of him. He takes a chalice out of his desk and drinks the cyanide poison, racking up another death for the Gargoyle King.

In the final moments of the episode, Jughead sees the Gargoyle King in the forest. Instead of running away in terror, Jughead starts bowing to him, confirming that Juggy has lost his mind and can't be trusted.

I have a lot of feelings, but basically this is where I'm at right now.

And this is a perfect depiction of what Riverdale looks like currently.

In summary:

See you all next week, where we'll get to see Archie's reaction when he learns that all his friends have lost their minds.



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