Riverdale Tweet Recap: Detective Betty Is on the Case

After a turkey-filled week of rest, Riverdale graced our TV screens once again last night.

Riverdale: Archie talking on the phone wiht his hair messed up

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In an unsurprising turn of events, things became even more twisted in this tiny town. Considering the last episode revolved around Archie being forced into a teen-focused, illegal, underground prison fight club, we honestly didn't think things could get more shocking.

Suffice it to say, quite a lot happened, so let's dive right in. Keep scrolling to see our Riverdale tweet recap for Season 3, Episode 6: "Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter."

Thankfully, this wild episode opens with Betty keeping watch over Archie in the bunker. It's actually sweet, despite the fact that watching someone while they sleep always has semi-creepy undertones. But I guess when it's Archibald Andrews, it's okay.

Their moment is interrupted by Jughead, who seems like he's finally thinking clearly again. The crazy look in his eye is gone and he's not mindlessly ranting about G+G, so we'll take that as a win. He informs Betty that he just came across the Gargoyle King in the woods, surrounded by a gang of masked gargoyles.

At this moment, Archie wakes up and informs Bughead that Joaquin is part of this gang. He tells them about Kevin running into Joaquin in the woods, where he informed Kevin that he joined a new gang. I'm a little confused why Kevin shared this information with Archie—who's bedridden and useless—and not Betty or Jughead, who could have actually done something about it. But, whatever—that's not really the point.

Jughead says that's further evidence that the Warden is the Gargoyle King. But Jug, baby—he's dead. Sorry to break the news.

Thankfully, Jug doesn't have to wait too long to have his theory blown out of the water. Alice informs Betty of the Warden's death as soon as she arrives home, and also mentions the blue lips that indicate suicide by cyanide poisoning.

Back in the bunker, Archie and Veronica are cuddling it up while they discuss next steps in their plan. Archie says he needs to find the Shadow Lake boys so he can clear his name, but Veronica convinces him to stay hidden while she pokes through his case files.

Archie asks her not to mention any of this to his father, and again brings up the fact that he went to jail to protect the people closest to him, which makes just as little sense as it did the first time he said it.

Archie's manhunt really starts to get underway when Sheriff Minetta confronts a class full of kids at Riverdale High. Everyone seems to do a pretty good job of lying about their involvement… until he gets to Josie. Now, I love Josie, but her stammering and nervousness is literally going to ruin people's lives. Get it together, girl!!

Anyway, she whips up some cheap excuse and Sheriff Minetta goes off on some crazy speech, but in the middle of it, Josie starts having a seizure. That makes three seizures in six episodes—what is going on?

It's also worth noting that Evelyn Evernever is present for all the seizures, so she's definitely involved.

Now that Jughead actually has his mind back in order, he and Betty are back on the case. Betty finds a picture of Warden Norton in an old yearbook, showing that he was the ROTC Director the same year that all the parents started The Midnight Club. Betty determines that she's going to find out the truth about their parents and stop the lies, and Jug says he's going to focus his energy on finding Joaquin. Bughead is back in action!

Meanwhile, Archie is still confined to the bunker, where Kevin is currently on duty. They check out Archie's wound, and Kevin immediately determines it's infected. Odd, considering Archie seems pretty unbothered by the whole thing.

In her effort to find out the truth, Betty sends letters signed by the Gargoyle King to all the parents, which gets the entire ex-Midnight Club to gather in Veronica's speakeasy. Betty says they need to get their secrets out now to protect all their children from the dangers of the game, but the parents aren't having it. They basically just point fingers at each other, creating a situation where no one really takes responsibility for their actions.

Finally, Hermione accuses Penelope, claiming that she was the Game Master and she probably grew the cyanide in her greenhouse. Penelope says you can't grow cyanide in a greenhouse and Hermione says only a Blossom would know that. Which, no?? Literally anyone can Google "cyanide" and easily find out that it can't be grown in a greenhouse. This is a very thin defense you're building here, Hermione.

To clear her own name, Penelope stands up and accuses Daryl Doiley, the other Game Master involved in the Ascension Night. She says Daryl was secretly in love with her and filled the chalices with poison so they could ascend together. She refused him and just assumed that the chalices were emptied afterwards. Years later, he confessed his crime to her and sought out her comfort, but she rejected him. The next day, he killed himself. Conveniently, Penelope takes no responsibility for her role in all of this.

Also, it's very convenient that she blames everything on the one person who can't defend themselves. Of course, the parents apparently have no brains and aren't thinking about the fact that Penelope has consistently proven herself to be untrustworthy, so they just buy her story and move on.

While Betty puts her sleuthing skills to the test, Veronica does the same. Combing through the tapes from Archie's case, she realizes that 10 minutes of footage was deleted somewhere along the way. Hiram walks in on her, and she confidently tells him that Archie's name is about to be cleared.

In typical Archie fashion, however, he's making things harder on everyone. After fixing his infected wound with the help of Dr. Curdle, he determines that he needs to find the Shadow Lake boys. He decides to risk his freedom and safety to check it out, tossing on a baseball cap as his only disguise.

He asks Kevin for help, and Kevin, being the angel that he is, agrees to go with him.

After FP finds out the Jug's still playing the game, he decides to put an end to it once and for all. And what's the best way to discipline your child? According to FP, by handcuffing them to a fridge.

Thankfully, Betty finds Jug after a little bit and lets him out of the handcuffs with one of her trusty bobby pins.

Since Betty is smarter than all the parents in this town, she tells Jug that it's very suspicious to accuse a dead guy, and she's going to look into Penelope's story. She also mentions that even if Penelope's telling the truth, it doesn't explain who the Gargoyle King is today, so there has to be more to the story.

Taking her sleuthing to the next level, Veronica logs into her mom's computer in the mayor's office, searching for the 10 minutes of deleted footage. The desktop is a literal disaster, which personally gave me all kinds of anxiety. It's not important, but you'd think the mayor would be a little more organized.

Still, even within the messy setup, Veronica finds the missing footage without much effort. She puts the file in an email and sends it off, but suddenly the Internet decides it doesn't want to work. It loads very slowly, only barely downloading before the secretary and a police officer burst into the room.

The secretary says that Veronica isn't allowed in the office anymore, and V is arrested for breaking in.

Since he's been freed from the fridge, Jughead can finally be useful again. Sweet Pea and Fangs found Joaquin and Jughead goes about the process of questioning him. Basically Joaquin says that he had no choice but to help the Warden, but that the Warden wasn't in charge of the game, either. He had playing cards that told him what to do. Archie was branded as a sacrifice before he even entered the prison and Joaquin says that if he isn't dead already, he will be soon. Comforting.

Joaquin also points the finger at Hiram, saying that he saw Lodge and Norton meeting one time. Naturally, Jughead decides to use this very thin information to confront Hiram. Jug accuses Hiram of being the Gargoyle King, but Hiram says he has no idea what Jug is talking about. Now, I hate Hiram as much as the next person, but even I have to admit that his totally nonchalant attitude about Jughead's claims is pretty funny.

Instead of responding to Jughead's accusations, he points fingers at all the other parents in Riverdale who have done shady things. I mean, it's a valid point, but it's very Hiram Lodge to just deflect any and all accusations.

In the middle of the conversation, Hiram gets a call that Veronica is in jail. He goes to meet with her, but refuses to get her out. It's not the worst thing he's done, and Veronica actually seems pretty content behind bars.

Meanwhile, Betty has gone to Dr. Curdle to investigate Daryl Doiley's death. She finds out that there was no carbon monoxide in his lungs, so he couldn't have committed suicide. Instead, there were trace amounts of oleander, a poisonous plant. However, the sheriff's department labeled the death as a suicide, leading Betty to confront Mr. Keller. Tom says that he listed the death as a suicide to protect all the members of the Midnight Club. However, he also casually points the finger back to Penelope, claiming that she grows oleander in her greenhouse.

Although we nearly forgot about them, Archie and Kevin finally get to the abandoned mines, where they see Sheriff Minetta leaving as they arrive. Upon entering the mines, they find that everyone inside has been shot. Considering we saw Hiram on the phone earlier asking someone to take care of the Shadow Lake problem, I think we all know who's behind this attack.

One of the boys is still alive, and Archie insists that they take him to the hospital, where he'll have even more chance of being discovered. Archie, just call an ambulance and save yourself!

Now, here's where things take a turn for the worst. We flip back to Jughead, who finds Joaquin'dead boy laid out on an armchair just waiting for him. Why was this such a tiny moment? Joaquin is dead. We're taking a moment of silence for one of our faves.

Since Joaquin was found with blue lips and the sacrifice symbol on his forehead, Sweet Pea and Fangs both determine that it's a sign to back off.

In other death news, the boy who Kevin and Archie brought to the hospital didn't make it. Archie begins telling Kevin that he can't go back to Riverdale, as Hiram won't stop until he's dead. Kevin comforts him as usual, but the boy's gotta be getting tired of dealing with everyone else's drama.

Attorney McCoy bails Veronica out of jail, and V passes off all her evidence to Sierra. It's nice that Archie is safe, but why has no one mentioned Josie or the state of her health for this entire episode?

Detective Betty is on to her next interview—Penelope. In a typically creepy Penelope way, the terrible Blossom woman says she'd never use oleander to kill someone, as it leaves traces. Penelope points her finger at Alice, telling Betty to ask her mother why she wrote an article covering the whole thing up.

Unwilling to leave any stone unturned, Betty does just that. However, things don't quite go as planned. In the middle of the argument, the lights in the house go off and there's a pounding at the front door. They open it to an empty porch, but turn around to see the Gargoyle King in the house.

They immediately run upstairs, but Betty's room has been filled with a tombstone and a skeleton. Fred climbs up the window and all seems to be okay, despite the fact that it's never addressed how the Gargoyle King leaves the house.

After passing off her evidence to Attorney McCoy, Veronica confronts her parents. She says that a Judge is currently overturning Archie's conviction and taking steps to put Minetta in jail. Once again, V saves the day.

Back at the house, the Gargoyle King has apparently left, and Alice tells Betty they're not safe anymore, so she's going to the farm with Polly and the twins. Betty essentially says "K, well I'm not."

At that precise moment, the front door opens and Alice informs Betty that she's being sent to Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where she'll be safe from all this nonsense.

On one hand, I understand that Alice is trying to protect her daughter. But on the other hand, this is literally the worst decision ever.

Seriously, Betty is the only sane person left in this town.

Why would her mother do this?

I'm reeling.

To sum it all up:

And just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, Veronica gets a phone call from Archie while she's down in the speakeasy.

Looking past the incredible cell phone reception, it's a beautiful moment when V tells Archie that he's officially off the hook and not going back to prison. Of course, Archie just has to ruin it, and he tells V that he needs to protect the people closest to him. Hiram won't stop trying to hurt him and the people he cares about, so Arch says he can't come home until they get this all sorted out.

I have to be honest, I'm not the biggest Varchie fan, so at first I was like:

However, the entire scene was really sad.

I don't like seeing my baby Archie cry, and Veronica breaking down into tears was absolutely heart-wrenching.

The breakup is made slightly better by the fact that Archie and Jughead are teaming up together, which we haven't seen for quite a while.

However, even that moment is ruined when we flash to Betty in Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where literally everyone is drawing pictures of the Gargoyle King. Nice job trying to keep here safe there, Alice!!

Essentially, this was me the entire episode.

See you all next week, where we'll find out just how many new ways this show can break our hearts.



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