Riverdale-Inspired Valentine's Day Cards to Give Your Besties

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day cards for your besties isn't easy.

You can always go the store-bought route, but that's too generic. Then again, you could make each of your friends their own card—that's a little too time consuming, however.

Don't worry, because we've got a solution for you—especially if you and your besties are obsessed with Riverdale.

Scroll below for some hilarious V-Day cards inspired by your fave Riverdale characters.

Archie Andrews

Sad, but true.

Archie Andrews Valentine's Day card


Veronica Lodge

We'll gladly accept both.

Veronica Lodge Valentine's Day card


Betty Cooper

Will Dark Betty be making a special V-Day appearance this year?

Betty Cooper Valentine's Day card


Jughead Jones

A thousand times yes!

Jughead Jones Valentine's Day card


Cheryl Blossom

How considerate, Cheryl.

Cheryl Blossom Valentine's Day card


Kevin Keller

Why the heck not?

Kevin Keller Valentine's Day card


Josie McCoy

You already have, Josie.

Josie McCoy Valentine's Day card


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