Exude Veronica Lodge Vibes With These Items Inspired by the Riverdale Character

A go-getter and the classiest person you'll ever meet, Veronica Lodge is simply iconic.

The Riverdale character possesses such poise and grace, but is also not to be messed with and can hold her own against almost anyone.

For those of you who want to exude the Veronica vibes, owning these items will definitely help. Scroll below to check 'em out!

Veronica Lodge on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

'What Would Veronica Lodge Do?' Tumbler: $18

Run the world, that's what she'd do.

What Would Veronica Lodge Do? tumbler

(via Etsy)


Veronica Lodge-Inspired Candle: $15

Let whiffs of black raspberry and vanilla envelope your room as this candle burns.

Veronica-inspired candle from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Veronica Lodge Enamel Pin: $10.30

Her face says, "don't mess with me."

Veronica lodge enamel pin

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'My Specialty Is Ice' Sticker: $4

This is true.

My specialty is ice sticker

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River Vixens-Inspired Baseball T-Shirt: $26.90

Cheryl may think she's in charge of the River Vixens, but we all know Veronica is.

River Vixens baseball t-shirt

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Veronica Lodge-Inspired Notebook: $12.87

Why would you take notes in anything else?

Veronica Lodge-inspired notebook from Redbubble

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'I Don't Follow the Rules, I Make Them' iPhone Case: $25

And when necessary, she breaks them.

Veronica Lodge iphone case

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Veronica Lodge Keychain: $19.50

Needless to say, Veronica would totally approve of this accessory.

Veronica Lodge keychain from Etsy

(via Betty and Veronica)


'Team Veronica' T-Shirt: $36

Just in case people forgot where your loyalties lie.

Team Veronica t-shirt

(via Betty and Veronica)


Are you and your bestie basically Betty and Veronica? The two of you need THESE items in your life to showcase your close friendship.