Roar by Katy Perry Tells Perfect Girl Power Story!

Katy Perry's latest single "Roar" is our favorite end-of-summer girl power track, and we're even more in love with it since the release of the hilarious and empowering music video that dropped last week!Katy Perry Roar

The beginning of the music video shows Katy and her self-obsessed boyfriend crash-landing a plane in the middle of a lush and dangerous jungle.

The song's lyrics discuss how Katy used to be so unsure of herself and didn't want to make waves. Meanwhile in the video, Katy's beau is taken out of the picture by a hungry tiger!

The lyrics pick up as Katy gets back on her feet and realizes that she is a strong and independent woman. The video reflects this sentiment as she becomes one with the wilderness and manages to tame wild animals until she becomes the queen of the jungle, befriending monkeys, elephants, and tigers along the way!

We also love that Cimorelli covered the track, as well as Max Schneider!

If you haven't seen the video yet, we can't recommend it enough! We love the girl power message!!! Check it out here!