Watch Cassie and Taylor's Hilarious Rockettes Audition

Have you ever dreamed of dancing with the world-famous Rockettes?

Well, Taylor and I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out our childhood dreams.

In the second episode of our three-part vlog series, you'll see two of the worst dancers (Taylor and I) being taught by four of the most fabulous high-kicking ladies in the world: Traci Reszetylo, Taylor Shimko, Sam Berger and Tiffany Billings.

We spent the afternoon at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, learning how to be an official Rockette, starting with a pretty tough workout, followed by memorizing their signature, high-precision choreography. We must've done something right because believe it or not, Taylor and I scored an invite back during the holidays! Need evidence of our adventure? Check out the video below!

Once the Christmas Spectacular begins in November, we will publish the video in its entirety to show you the fun-filled day we had learning how to be not just a dancer, but a Rockette.


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