Celebrate Rocky Lynch With Us For National Rocky Road Day!

June 2 is National Rocky Road Day, and while the ice cream flavor certainly deserves a holiday of its own, we've commandeered the day and transformed it into a celebration of R5's Rocky Lynch! Here are just a few reasons you should honor him today, too!

Rocky has basically been a rockstar since birth

He proves you don't need the ocean to surf some sick waves (on Easter, nonetheless!).

Because he's never too cool for tea time.

And he just might be named after everyone's favorite fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa.

He's never above getting pampered.

And Rocky makes the rock star thing look totally effortless.

He's clearly fearless in the face of imminent danger.

Plus, he definitely knows when to take it easy when the time calls for it.

And we totally believe this will be Rocky's future house.

He knows that, wherever he's going, there's no need to hurry. 

He's kind of the king of all things.

And, of course, for Rocky Road Day, would be complete without a photo of Rocky Lynch's first scoop rocky road (which he somehow didn't have until he was 19 years old).

Why are YOU celebrating Rocky Lynch today? Tell us in the comments and join our R5Family community at SweetyHigh.com.