Rogue Wave Is The Perfect Sequel To Mermaid Tale Deep Blue!

Jennifer Donnely's Rogue Wave, the second book in the WaterFire Saga and the sequel to Deep Blue, was well worth the wait! It releases today, January 6, 2015!rogue wave jennifer donnely book review

It was a place Serafina had long imagined, but had never hoped to see.

It was a vanished dream. A fallen empire. A paradise lost.

It was Elysia, the heart of Atlantis.

Empires have fallen, merpeople have vanished without a trace, and beneath the waters, an ancient creature, the same evil that destroyed the once glorious city of Atlantis, is hoping to rise again. 

Serafina is one of six mermaids chosen to stop this catastrophe from happening again. The merls have parted ways, each with their own mission to find a magical talisman to subdue the horrible creature and save the world.

Serafina's journey takes her to lost cities she had only ever dreamed of, to a ship broken and forgotten at the bottom of the ocean, and back to Miromara, the home Serafina was forced to flee, which now remains only a shadow of what it once was.

Serafina's hunt becomes a test of her will, and locating the talismans means finding strength to face her deepest fears and learn harsh truths she never could have imagined, uncovering the betrayal of merpeople she has known and loved. 

Grief was a luxury she could no longer afford.

Meanwhile, Serafina's best friend, Neela, has traveled back home to Matali. There, she hopes to warn her family of the dangers to come and tell them about her quest to stop the evil creature from destroying the world. Neela is unprepared for their reaction to her story. Her parents, thinking she is in shock and feeling ill, lock her away for her own protection.

Neela breaks out of her own palace in order to continue her pursuit of the talisman she is destined to find, but escaping proves easy compared to what's waiting for her outside. Neela soon has to join a tribe of fierce warriors in order to get the talisman she needs, for the magical object Neela is meant to find lies in the clutches of fierce dragons.

Rogue Wave is an adventure full of exciting twists that will take your breath away. Fans of the first book, Deep Blue, will simply love this new edition. 

Seeing the heroine Serafina develop further is fantastic, as she takes on new challenges and grows into an even stronger character than ever imagined. The characters are wonderful to read about and even more fun to root for as author Jennifer Donnelly continuously throws them challenges that will have you on the edge of your seat.

To top it all off, the novel contains a beautiful love story. The romance is a lovely subplot that weaves perfectly into the tale with strong themes of loyalty, love, and doing what's right. It's an excellent addition to a fantastic story that serves to enhance the plot rather than distract from it.

As strong as the pull of the tides,

As strong as the wind and weather,

My love has the force of ten oceans,

I vow it will keep us together.

This story focuses mainly on Serafina and Neela. Though the other mermaids involved in the hunt for the talismans are mentioned, their paths are still a mystery. We'll just have to wait until the next installment to find out what will happen to the brave mermaids and their seemingly impossible crusade!

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