6 Rom-Com Couples That Would Never Work IRL

I love a good rom-com as much as the next person.

But even though romantic comedies make us feel like anything is possible if you love someone enough, they're just not reflective of real life. In fact, these movies tend to promote idealized and unrealistic relationships at best—and unhealthy, toxic romances at worst.

If you look at rom-com relationships from a practical perspective, it immediately becomes obvious that most of these couples would end in disaster rather than the classic happily ever after.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for six rom-com couples that would never work IRL.

Andie and Ben – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

It should be obvious why this relationship would never work out, but I'll say it anyway: Their entire romance was based on a lie. Their ability to trust one another was ruined from the moment they first took that bet, and it would likely never be fully restored. Plus, they don'actually know one another—they only know the character the other person was playing.

We're supposed to believe that one weekend with Ben's family wiped out Andie's week of being a psycho? Or that Ben—who very obviously has no interest in settling down—falls in love with a woman who has treated him terribly for 10 days? Beyond the fact that their trust is broken, there's no foundation that would cause us to assume they're actually compatible with one another. In fact, all we know for certain is that both of them are fully comfortable using people for their own gain, which is not a strong basis for a healthy relationship.

how to lose a guy in 10 ten days: andie crying while ben makes her dinner

(How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days via Lynda Obst Productions)


Mary and Steve – The Wedding Planner 

Rom-coms seem to have a pretty fluid opinion of cheating. Apparently, if you think you've met the love of your life, it's more than fine to be unfaithful to the person you're already with—at least, that's what The Wedding Planner would have us believe. The real problem with this movie isn't Mary and Steve's undeniable connection, it's Steve's total lack of guilt about starting a relationship with another woman while still in the middle of planning his wedding. His behavior screams serial cheater, and there's nothing to imply that he won't pull the same move on Mary down the line. Once again, a relationship founded on dishonesty doesn't have a chance of working out, especially if you start your romance as the "other woman."

the wedding planner: steve and mary

(The Wedding Planner via Columbia Pictures Corporation)


Jamie and Aurelia — Love Actually 

This couple is difficult for me, mostly because I tear up every time Jamie stumbles through his proposal near the end of the film. However, objectively speaking, what do these two people actually know about each other? They can't even communicate! They essentially spend a summer together in complete silence, and then Aurelia agrees to leave her life behind and move to England, simply because Jamie proposed.

We know Jamie is a fairly normal, upstanding guy, but as far as Aurelia knows he could be a serial killer! And even if she does decide he's normal, there's nothing to suggest they're compatible enough to immediately move in together. I say focus on the language barrier first, and then consider a dramatic proposal. That way things might actually work out.

love actually: jamie and aurelia

(Love Actually via Universal Pictures)


Cher and Josh – Clueless 

I love everything about Clueless… except the relationship between Cher and Josh. I know they're not technically related, but we're getting into some murky waters with this romance. However, despite their odd family connection—which is bound to get weird eventually—they're just not compatible people. They bicker incessantly and they simply have very different values. Where Cher is vapid and materialistic, Josh is deeply concerned with the environment and other worldly issues. What would they even talk about? It's a relationship founded on an (icky!) mutual attraction, and not on a deep connection, meaning it's definitely doomed to fail.

clueless: cher and josh

(Clueless via Paramount Pictures)


Margaret and Andrew – The Proposal 

There are a plethora of reasons why this relationship wouldn't work, not the least of which being Margaret's ability to use her power over Andrew to her advantage. Thankfully, she doesn't go through with essentially forcing him to marry her, but it sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of their relationship.

Beyond that issue, however, the movie also never fully explains why Margaret is such a hateful human being. Supposedly being around Andrew's family changes her, but there's nothing to suggest that this attitude adjustment is permanent, and it doesn't undo years of treating Andrew and her other employees poorly. Even if Andrew thinks he can get past it, her mean-spirited personality is bound to make another appearance, fully convincing me that this relationship just wouldn't end well.

the proposal: margaret and andrew

(The Proposal via Touchstone Pictures)


Jane and Kevin – 27 Dresses 

First of all, the way Jane defines herself in this movie is completely problematic. She yearns for a romantic partner, refusing to go after anything else in her life because she's hopelessly in love with her boss, who's never shown her any kind of romantic attention. Until Jane learns to be her own independent person, she's never going to have a happy relationship.

That said, she'definitely not going to have a happy relationship with Kevin, who exploits her personal life and utilizes her vulnerability to advance his career. It's a betrayal of massive proportions, and one that should not be forgiven. Both characters prove throughout the film that they're incapable of caring for another person—Kevin because of his ego, and Jane because of her over-romanticized view of love. They each have intense problems that can only lead to a disastrous breakup, not a happily ever after.

27 dresses: jane and kevin

(27 Dresses via Fox 2000 Pictures)


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