Romantic Movies to Watch If You Want a Feelsy Valentine's Day

Ah, love.

It's a beautiful feeling that deserves to be celebrated, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do it. Say what you want about Feb. 14, but there's no better time to express all your sentimental feelings than on that date.

If you really want to embrace the emotional side of V-Day, keep scrolling for romantic movies to watch for an especially feelsy Valentine's Day.

The Notebook (2004) 

How could we not include The Notebook on a list of romantic movies? It's a perfect celebration of the magic of lifelong love, and it's guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. The iconic ferris wheel scene, the kiss in the rain, the passionate arguments—this movie is everything we want out of a sentimental film.

Noah and Ally playing in the ocean in The Notebook

(The Notebook via New Line Cinema)


10 Things I Hate About You (1999) 

For starters, there's absolutely nothing better than a young Heath Ledger, and we'll fight anyone who says otherwise. Beyond the fact that this movie allows you to stare at him for an extended amount of time, it's also a sweet story about young romance. We always get a little choked up when Kat reads her poem at the end, so this '90s film is the perfect way to get wrapped up in our emotions this Valentine's Day.

10 things I hate About You: patrick and kat

(10 Things I Hate About You via Touchstone Pictures)


To All The Boys I've Loved Before (2018) 

To All the Boys I've Loved Before absolutely claimed our hearts after its release on Netflix last year. It's a shockingly relatable portrayal of the ups and downs of young love, but it features the most perfect romantic lead we've ever seen. If you need a little more Peter Kavinsky in your life, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to remind yourself how incredibly adorable he is.

Peter drinking a milkshake at the corner cafe

(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)


It Takes Two (1995) 

Featuring the iconic Olsen twins in their prime, this movie is a combo of The Parent Trap and The Prince and the Pauper. While there are plenty of comical moments between the twins, the movie also focuses on Diane and Roger, who are searching for a "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love." It's funny and lighthearted, but also sweet and sentimental, so it's guaranteed to get you in your feelings this Valentine's Day. 

it takes two- olsen twins

(It Takes Two via Dualstar Productions)


Sweet Home Alabama (2002) 

We don't know exactly what it is about this movie, but we do know we get incredibly emotional every time we watch it. Successful designer Melanie is torn between two men—an affluent New Yorker and her childhood sweetheart. Her journey to find where she belongs and who she wants to be with is incredibly heartwarming, and it captures the power of a love that makes you want to do better. Tears are practically guaranteed while watching this heartwarming film.

sweet home alabama - melanie and jake

(Sweet Home Alabama via Touchstone Pictures)


Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Another 2018 release, Crazy Rich Asians is everything we want out of a romantic movie. It features real-life trials and tribulations of falling in love, such as dealing with a family who doesn't approve, but it also has the perfect dose of comedy to keep things from getting too heavy. Plus, we never knew how beautiful weddings could be until the scene in this movie. It's an absolutely stunning film that should definitely be added to your Valentine's Day list.


(Crazy Rich Asians via Warner Bros.)


A Walk to Remember (2002) 

An absolutely heartbreaking film, this movie can't be watched more than once a year. While tears are a certainty, it's worth it to see this stunning tale of love unfold. We honestly can't say more than that without crying, but if there's a day to watch this beautiful movie, it's definitely Valentine's Day.

a walk to remember

(A Walk to Remember via Warner Bros.)


The Spectacular Now (2013) 

They always say opposites attract, but no film captures that idea more poignantly than The Spectacular Now. Unpopular Aimee starts a relationship with wild child Sutter, despite their completely different outlooks on basically everything. It's a sweet tale of young, naive relationships, and a perfect reminder of the change love can make in your life.

Aimee and Sutter dancing together in The Spectacular Now

(The Spectacular Now via Andrew Lauren Productions)


Set It Up (2018) 

Another Netflix original, this rom-com follows two assistants as they try to navigate life under the thumb of their horrible bosses. It's definitely a more lighthearted addition to this list, but we love that it captures the gradual path that falling in love often takes, and the unlikely places it appears.

set it up - charlie and harper dancing

(Set It Up via Netflix)


Valentine's Day (2010)

We can't have a list of Valentine's Day movies without including the holiday's namesake. This film follows numerous couples and singles as they deal with the holiday of love in Los Angeles. Some stories are heartwarming and some are heartbreaking, but it's a nice reminder that good Valentine's Day celebrations come in all shapes and sizes.

valentine's day - taylor lautner and taylor swift

(Valentine's Day via New Line Cinema)


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