15 Romantic Quotes From Bridgerton Season 2 For When You're in a Lovey-Dovey Mood

Raise your hand if you binge-watched Season 2 of Bridgerton in record time!

It's okay—we're right there with you. This season followed Anthony and his love story, and wow, was it a doozy. From love triangles to lingering stares, stolen kisses and more, we can't get over all the romance. If you loved it as much as we do, continue below to get a look at 15 romantic quotes from season two of Bridgerton that are bound to put you in a lovey-dovey mood.

A love like this:

"It is not a man's appearance or title that will woo you. It is his mind and sprit that will court yours. He will speak in a manner that only your heart can hear."



Poetry is its own form of love:

"Poetry is the art of revealing precious truth with words."



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When they will protect you at all costs:

"I assure you that when it comes to action and duty, I shall never be found lacking."



You can't deny true feelings:

"Tell me you feel nothing and I will walk away."



Love is a rollercoaster:

"Love moves swiftly, does it not?"



Enemies to lovers:

"You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires."



Love comes at unexpected times:

"I did not ask for this. To be plagued by these feelings."



The day is finally here:

"I have faced a thousand tomorrows but they have all been leading to this one."



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Protecting your loved ones above all else:

"I give what I have in order to protect you."



True love exists:

"Of course I believe in true love. Of course I believe in happy endings. How could I not?"



They're all you can think about:

"It is maddening. How much you consume my very being."



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They're your universe:

"All I find myself thinking about. All I find myself being able to breathe for… is you."



Focus on your own love story:

"Be unafraid to follow your heart after doing the exact opposite for far too long. You have spent so much of your time shining your light on me. It is time for you to shine all on your own."



Look into their eyes:

"Just keep looking at me. No one else matters."



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An imperfect love match:

"I know I am imperfect. But I will humble myself before you because I cannot imagine my life without you, and that is why I wish to marry you."



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