Here's the Hidden Meaning Behind Every Rose Color

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you might have roses on your mind.

But do you know what each rose color actually means? Getting the wrong rose for the wrong person can be a major Valentine's faux pas. Avoid that pain by perusing this list and learning them meaning behind your roses.


Red roses are the variety most associated with Valentine's Day, and for good reason. They're a symbol of eternal romantic love and affection. It's the perfect rose to share with your longtime S.O., but you may want to hold off on getting them for a new person in your life, as it may come off a little strong. They're also not the best roses to get a friend or a family member.



Pink roses are a sign of admiration, so they're extremely versatile. They're a sweet gesture to family as well as friends and are a symbol that someone makes you truly happy. Gifting them to an S.O. is trickier since they might be on the lookout for the more committed red roses. Use your discretion!



White roses are a symbol of purity. While they're usually associated with weddings, they're also a beautiful flower for other occasions. For example, they're great for marking new beginnings, such as the start of a brand-new relationship.

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Yellow roses represent joy, and they should be shared with someone who makes you truly happy. These vibrant flowers show that you want to send warm feelings and brightness into someone else's life, and they show you really care.



Orange roses are a feisty flower signifying passion and strong feelings in a new relationship. They're the roses for someone you've got major feelings for, so don't hand them out to just anyone.



Peachy pink roses are for saying thank you. If you want to let someone in your life know that you appreciate everything they do for you, consider a bunch of these cute roses as a gesture of your gratitude.



Like red roses, violet roses are a symbol of romantic love. However, these flowers represent a devotion to new love and the potential for growth. They signify that you can't wait to see the life that the two of you will build together.

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Green roses have a unique look, and they symbolize something quite different from the other roses. Roses with white-green petals are a symbol of life and oneness with nature and the soul. They can be appropriate in almost any situation as long as the two of you have the right life experiences together.



Multi-colored roses contain as many meanings as they contain hues. Find the unique colors contained within your special flower above and combine them to find out what yours is all about.


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