If You're a Rose Gold Girl, These Are the Minnie Ears for You

Everyone has a pair (or five) of Disney ears that speaks to them.

Whether these festive hats and headbands feature your favorite Disney character, ride or season, there's no stopping the magnetic pull between a fan and a pair of ears.

That's why the internet cannot control their excitement over this new pair of Minnie ears that landed at parks just last week.

The sparkly headband features rose gold ears covered in reflective sequins with a classic Minnie Mouse bow front and center. The pink speaks to our childhood hearts while the shimmery gold tone reflects our more mature and stylish side.

Minnie may have donned red more often than pink, but she was no stranger to this shade. Personally speaking, we think the sequins add a nod to her signature look as she's always styled in polka-dots. The ears even allude to the classic statues sprinkled throughout the Disneyland parks with their own hints of gold.

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It's safe to say that Starbucks and special lattes will have to take a break from our IG feeds for a while as these new ears shine in the spotlight with a social media takeover.

We're already beginning to spot our first sightings of celebs donning these rose gold ears, making the headbands that much more desirable.

If you act fast you can snag yourself a pair of these ears anywhere in the park for $24.99. Season pass holders, we've got our Venmo at the ready if you want to buy us a pair!


We can't wait to get our hands on our own pair of rose gold Minnie ears to accessorize our park-going outfit. For another Disney memento that's dripping in gold, you need to check out THIS souvenir cup inspired by a classic ride.