I Wore Rose Quartz-Infused Body Serum for Two Weeks—Did It Bring Me Love?

As I've noted a gazillion times, I'm a very spiritual person.

Whether it's going for a reiki session or swooping up a selection of energy stones to carry around for good luck, I'm always open to anything that allows me to further embrace my spiritual side.

That's why, when a rep for Crystal Hills Organics reached out to me about reviewing a product from Reiki Master Andrea Barone's crystal-infused skincare line, I jumped at the chance. The line offers several collections, and I opted to try body serum from the Crystal Love collection. Made with actual rose quartz crystal (among many other all-natural oils and extracts), the serum is said to promote pure energy to enhance a state of love, peace and compassion. 

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Tested out @crystalhillsorganics' rose quartz-infused body serum. ????????????

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The Product

Because packaging sets the tone for every product these days, I can add Crystal Hills to my list of eye-catching creations. With its shiny, rose gold flower illustrations and sleek, contemporary font, the slim box holding the serum is a visual delight. The product itself comes in a $58 120 ml glass bottle adorned with the brand's logo, instructions and ingredients.

I've used several rose-infused products in the past, and this serum has more of a tea tree oil scent than actual rose. It can be a bit overpowering, but not to the point where it gives me a headache—and the scent subsides within about an hour. Still, if you are not into especially earthy aromas, this may not be for you.

Essential oils are always tricky in general because they can smell much different in their bottles than they do on skin. And, sometimes, you can't even tell how they actually smells on your own skin—only other people can.

That said, the back of the bottle instructs users to "gently rub into damp skin post-bath or shower to seal in moisture." From there, it's suggested that the magic is supposed to happen.

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The Experience

I followed the instructions and slathered a few spritzes of the oil onto my arms whenever I got out of the shower for approximately two weeks (missed a few days here and there). I love how smooth the product makes my skin, and each time I applied it, I anticipated the journey of my day.

Here's the thing: Energy feeds off energy, so if you're in a negative or distracted state of mind and your energy is being used in unproductive ways, you can use all the love serum you want and it's not going to make a difference. I believe these stones, oils and other holistic healing items elevate your positive state of being. That said, if you're trying to emerge from a dark place by staying upbeat and thinking with the glass being half full, the serum (or whatever it is) can enhance that positivity.

When I apply the serum (much like when I sip from my beautiful Longemity rose quartz-infused water bottle), it's a reminder of the love that the special stone can bring. When I am reminded, I am able to automatically give myself a little extra TLC, and I leave the house with some added confidence. It's like a secret little potion that nobody knows about. 

I'm in a much better headspace now than I was over the summer, for example (much due to the present time of year—as the popular '90s song goes, "I'm only happy when it rains"). I've been working on myself in various ways, so when I add the product to my normal morning skincare routine, it does give me an added jolt of happiness. The meaning behind rose quartz is a reminder of how far I've come this year and how I need to keep trucking along.

Self-love is a never-ending work in progress. I get down on myself a lot, and tend to overthink my mistakes. The message of this serum (whether it attracts you to a new S.O. or not) is to spread love altogether. Love comes in many forms, and I do feel like I've been putting out incredibly positive energy while wearing the product. I do believe I've been getting that energy back in return.

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It's also important to note than the power of oils and stones can take time to kick in. I will continue to slip this product into my routine daily and see what transpires. But I will also continue to do things that make me a better person, which will make the combo of the two that much more effective.


Bottom Line

Having something close by as reminder to spread love is a wonderful thing. Whether it's the rose quartz stone you carry with you, or it's in the form of earrings, a serum or a water bottle, I love the idea of applying an oil that is not only excellent for my skin, but encourages me to be good to myself.

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As I noted above, the aroma may not appeal to you initially. After a few applications, I grew to enjoy it—it's earthy and reminds me of healing spas and spirituality. The good news is it blends well with other fragrances, so you can always layer it underneath to get its healing and hydrating effects without the scent at full strength.

I also think the product makes an excellent gift. Its sleek packaging combined with its ingredients, message and purpose make it something I would love to give or receive.


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