These Rose Quartz Items Will Add a Whole Lot of Love to Your Life

Feeling low on love in your life?

Whether it's self-love or love from someone else, there's one thing that can definitely help—rose quartz.

This gorgeous gem is known as the crystal of unconditional love, so it brings loving energy back into your life when you need it most.

Ready to add this stone to your life? Scroll below for some accessories and decor items that'll increase your love levels in no time.

Rose Quartz Crown: $99

Sporting this beauty will allow you to become the Queen of Hearts the moment you put it on.

Girl wearing a rose quartz crown

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Rose Quartz and Gold Ring: $12

This simple ring goes with everything and looks even better stacked with a ton of other rings. A positive advantage, considering you'll probably be wearing it a lot.

Rose quartz and gold ring from Etxy

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Rose Quartz Infused Fragrance: $24

Spray a little bit of this rose water and lotus-scented perfume on whenever you need a boost to your self-esteem.

Rose Quartz infused fragrance from Urban Outfitters

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Rose Quartz Necklace: $16

Though this necklace is dainty, it is extremely powerful. Don't get it twisted… literally.

Rose Quartz necklace from Etsy

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Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Key Chain: $18

Protect your heart and your keys with this gem.

Heart-shaped Rose Quartz key chain from Etxy

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Rose Quartz Candle: $15

With a rose quartz crystal firmly secured in its wax, this candle will definitely help you in the love department.

Rose Quartz candle from Etsy

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Rose Quartz Bracelet: $11.03

The love will go around (your wrist, that is) with this bracelet.

Rose Quartz bracelet from Etsy

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Rose Quartz Belly Button Ring: $15.48

If you're looking for a more unique way to sport this crystal, this belly button ring is right up your alley. But don't get your navel pierced just so you can wear it.

Rose Quartz bellybutton ring from Etsy

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Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Earrings: $16

Sticking on the piercing train, these earrings are a need for anyone who has their ears pierced.

Heart-shaped rose quartz earrings from Etsy

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Rose Quartz Choker: $18

Chokers aren't going anywhere any time soon, so stock up on this one immediately.

Rose quartz choker from Etsy

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Rose Quartz Bath Bomb: $10

Baths are a magical thing, and yours will be even more empowering with the help from this bad boy.

Rose quartz bath bomb from Etsy

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Rose Quartz Crystals: $16

And, of course, you can always keep it simple by carrying around one or all of these stones on your person at all times to open your heart to love.

5-piece rose quartz crystals set from Etsy

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