EXCLUSIVE: Pop Cutie Rosie McClelland Performs Acoustic Version of 'Handstand'

Our fave British female Rosie McClelland gave Sweety High an exclusive acoustic performance of her new song "Handstand." 

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"I'm so excited to share with Sweety High my first live performance of 'Handstand,' " Rosie tells us about the rendition, which includes her family friend Tom Ryder. "Tom just happens to be the same guitar player who played at Mom and Dad's wedding, so it's extra special for me."

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No stranger to being centerstage, Rosie is an internet sensation and pop-singer, known for performing covers with her cousin Sophia Grace. By the age of five, the golden-haired child star had already enchanted the entire world.

"Handstand" has us with our hands up doing handstands left and right. It's about living your life to the fullest, not letting your frown turn you upside down and switching a bad day into a good day. The empowering new song is upbeat, fun and expresses her lively personality perfectly. The tune radiates good vibes, and we are officially #obsessed! 

Check out the full performance below!


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