Ross Lynch Puts Some Finishing Touches On Teen Beach 2!

Filming for Teen Beach 2 may have wrapped last year, but that doesn't mean the fun is finished! Star Ross Lynch recently shared that he'd been in the studio for some finishing touches!ross lynch teen beach 2 adr

"Did some ADR for TBM2 today," Ross shared last week. "Does that make sense? Anyway, I think you guys will like it."

If you didn't get Ross's industry lingo, he later clarified that ADR stands for additional dialogue recording. Of course, TB2 stands for Teen Beach 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Disney Channel musical Teen Beach Movie!

In a later tweet on the same day, Ross wrote "2015 is gonna be good." With Teen Beach 2 coming out summer of 2015, we're sure he's going to be right!

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