Ross Lynch On Teen Beach Movie!

An English morning show called Daybreakers interviewed Ross Lynch on Team Beach Movie, which debuts next week!

Ross Lynch On Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie premieres on The Disney Channel on July 19! It's about two good friends, Brady and McKenzie (Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell) who start a summer romance, knowing that at the end of the summer,  McKenzie  must move away with her aunt before going away to college.

On their last day together, Brady insists that the two watch one of his favorite movies, a musical called Wet Side Story.

Together, the two surf one last wave and end up wiping out. When they awake, they find themselves inside of Wet Side Story! When they mess up the plot, they have to figure out how to get it back to it's original ending to escape!

Ross is a talented actor, singer, and dancer. He's in a band called R5, and plays piano, drums, guitar, bass and ukulele, and is in the process of learning mandolin and violin, he said in the interview.

The movie shows off those skills. Ross spoke out about his preferences.

"I really like to dance, but it's not my passion," Ross said. "I think my passion comes more for the music and the acting. But music is definitely a lot of fun."

Due to Ross' appearance in Teen Beach Movie, he's been compared a lot to Zac Efron. Will Teen Beach Movie be the next High School Musical?

"It's cool because he was very successful and everything," Ross said of the comparison. "If it happens to me I'll be more than happy to accept that but… I don't want to follow in anyone's footsteps really. I just like to be myself and do whatever happens for me."

Will you be tuning in to Teen Beach Movie on July 19?