Ross Lynch's Foray Into Photojournalism With Cast Mates!

Ross Lynch is the singer, actor, songwriter, dancer and guitarist but, now there's something else we can tack on to his resume. It appears Ross is becoming a bit of a photojournalist! ross lynch photojournalism austin & ally

On December 15, Ross shared a series of gorgeous black and white photos he took of his Austin & Ally cast mates during some time off from shooting. We love how close Ross is with his costars Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriquez!

"We had a little off time today. Here is what we did. #Smile"ross lynch photo shoot had a little time off smile

"We laughed…"ross lynch photoshoot we laughed

". @CalumWorthy proposed…"ross lynch photo shoot calum worthy proposed

"Got some work done."ross lynch photoshoot calum worthy got some work done

"Got some books."ross lynch photoshoot got some books

"And hung out in an elevator."ross lynch photo shoot calum worthy and hung out in an elavator

We love the way Ross's story unfolds before our eyes in these photos! Love Austin & Ally? Comment below with your thoughts on Ross's photography and click here to join our community only at