Rowan Blanchard Is Our Feminist Woman Crush Wednesday

Who said you have to be an grownup to be a feminist icon? Rowan Blanchard is saying everything we've been thinking about confidence, strength, and making sure girls get the same opportunities as boys, and that's why she's our #WCW this week!



Because her character Riley on Girl Meets World is ALL of us. And we're a little jealous that she gets Cory and Tapanga as her parents.

riley matthews funny face rowan blanchard

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Her style is so classic and chic and we want every single thing in her closet.

rowan blanchard style wcw

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And she's not afraid to get super silly to support a cause that's important to her.

love is louder rowan blanchard mustache wcw

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We're pretty sure Rowan holds the key to changing the world, one Instagram post at a time. This is one of the most important things you'll ever read!

rowan blanchard dear humans empowerment wcw

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She's so eloquent and outspoken and about gender equality that the United Nations invited her so speak at a national conference this year, and her speech kind of made us want to pump our fists in the air.


Basically we want to just spend months with her and absorb all her wisdom.

rowan blanchard insta speech wcw

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We love Riley and Maya on GMW, and the fact that Rowan is real-life BFFs with Sabrina Carpenter makes their friendship 2000x more magical.

rowan blanchard and sabrina carpenter wcw

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And we seriously cannot wait to see what she's going to be for Halloween this year, because her Jack Skellington last year was just beyond.

rowan blanchard jack skellington costume wcw

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But most importantly, she never shies away from topics like women's rights. She's a strong proponent that boys and girls are both equally valuable. How can anyone disagree with that?

rowan blanchard chime for change women's rights

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