How Roxette Arisa's Ice Skating History Inspires Her as a Beauty Guru

When we turn to YouTube for amazing advice on makeup, skincare and all other things beauty, Roxette Arisa is one of our go-tos.

The figure skater-turned-guru has more than 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel who regularly tune in for the top tips on putting together incredible looks with cosmetics and maintaining flawless skin, and Roxette always delivers. When stars are this talented, we always wonder where they started, and what drives them to create the incredible content that they do.

So we were very excited when we got the chance to ask Roxette all of our most burning questions about how she got started and the things that keep her inspired every day. Keep reading to find out all about them.

Sweety High: How far back do your passions for makeup and style go?

Roxette Arisa: I don't remember a time when I wasn't passionate about makeup and fashion. Even as young as 4 years old I remember always wanting to pick out my own outfits—I came up with some crazy OOTDs back in the day—and begged my mom to put her iconic red lipstick on me. I think I was born with a passion for these things!

lasonic sivongxay: Roxette arisa model pose

(Photo credit: Lasonic Sivongxay)


SH: Would you say you've always been creative in those areas? 

RA: Definitely! I never did what was "normal" or "on trend." I was always creating different looks or outfits that expressed my personality and creativity. I was actually a competitive figure skater, so I would play around with my makeup for different competitions. I had this "rainforest" program and I remember putting green eyeshadow all over my lid—and I'm talking all over, even up to the brow bone. I remember someone saying something like, "Wow you must really like green!" and I was like, "No, I just love playing around with color! It all washes off at the end of the day!"


SH: What were your expectations when you first created your YouTube? How did things evolve from there?

RA: The thing I loved about YouTube when I first started was that it really was a community. I fell in love with being able to connect with people all around the world—I had no idea it would turn into my career, but I'm so grateful it did. As I kept filming, editing and posting videos, I found that I just loved this process. It was such a cool way to express my creativity in the makeup, styling and even the editing. To see my finished videos that I did, all by myself, was an incredible feeling and still is to this day!

When my channel really began to gain momentum, I had a few pinch-me moments where I was like, "OMG, is this really happening?" The first time someone recognized me in public was one of those moments—that was so surreal!

lasonic sivongxay: Roxette arisa white outfit

(Photo credit: Lasonic Sivongxay)


SH: Where do you get inspiration for your videos?

RA: I get inspired by so many different things—the time of year, what the world is going through. I also get inspired by fashion trends to create different makeup looks. Life itself is inspiring when you make it a point to see the beauty in our everyday lives.


SH: Do you have a favorite event or season of the year for creating new makeup and fashion videos?

RA: I love fall! Vampy lips, matte skin—such a vibe! And of course lots of boots, layering and cozy fashion. It's safe to say fall is my favorite time of year for both beauty and fashion!


SH: Would you say that any of the skills you learned as a figure skater have translated to your success as a YouTube guru?

RA: 100%. I had so much drive and dedication instilled into me at a very young age because of my figure skating career, and although my career took a turn that I would've never expected, I definitely took a couple key things from my experience and apply them to my career now. Figure skating taught me to work hard, dream big and never give up—even during the times when it seems so easy to do so.

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(Photo credit: Lasonic Sivongxay)


SH: Is there anything else you always wish an interviewer would ask you about?

RA: I could talk for hours and hours so this is a dangerous question! But I love talking about what inspires me and with any content that I put on YouTube or Instagram or TikTok, I hope that I'm inspiring even just one person out there so I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes of all time from the ultimate legend Michael Jordan: "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."


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