I’m not usually one for fancy iPhone cases.

While I’ve experimented a bit with techie cases that have extra functionality in addition to protecting my phone, for the most part, I stick with a $2 protective case I found somewhere online.

But when I stumbled upon Roxxlyn‘s gorgeous cases, I suddenly understood the hype around fancy phone covers. I reached out to the company, who was kind enough to send me a lovely case to try out for myself. I haven’t been disappointed.

Roxxlyn phone case back on colored background

(Photo credit: Amanda Pillon)

The Product

Roxxlyn is a German company that specializes in tech accessories made with genuine natural stone. By carving the rock into extremely thin layers, they create beautiful lightweight sheets that look amazing as part of an accessory.

Roxxlyn makes clutches and watches, as well Macbook skins and iPhone cases, each with stone carved with lasers and cleaned by hand to make it one-of-a-kind.

The company sent me an amazonite quartzite case with a gold frame. The stone was extracted in Madagascar, and the case costs between $309 and $325, depending on the iPhone size. I received one suited for my iPhone 6.


The Experience

First of all, my Roxxlyn case came in elegant packaging. Within a thin black box was the new case, as well as a black carrying pouch with a soft lining and a button to snap it closed.

Roxxlyn phone case inside

(Photo credit: Amanda Pillon)

I soon discovered that the case was comprised of two parts—the back end of the case, with a velvety soft lining, as well as a frame. Attached was a sticker urging me to go to a specific link to see exactly how the cases work. I followed it and found the video there pretty informative.

On top of that, the case itself was as pretty as I’d imagined. The polished stone was perfectly smooth to the touch, and in the sunlight, I could see glints of light from little speckles in the rock. I could tell it was the real deal based on the cuts in the azurite, and the natural marble look was better than anything that could be faked. Despite the authenticity of the rock, it was still super light. Similarly, the gold-colored metal frame felt light, yet sturdy.Roxxlyn phone case two parts

(Photo credit: Amanda Pillon)

Following the directional video, I attached it to my phone case to my iPhone for the first time. It essentially looked like an entirely different phone—particularly thanks to the elegant gold framing. In some light, it looks closer to a rose gold color than a true gold, which is a definite plus.

Plus, it’s definitely an attention-grabbing phone case. More than once in the last week, different family members noticed it and asked me if I’d upgraded to a newer phone than my iPhone 6. Every time, I felt compelled to tell them all about my sophisticated new case, taking it apart and showing them the interlocking parts, the beautifully cut stone and the soft lining inside. They’d all ooh and ahh at it—until I told them the relatively steep price point.

And like any phone case, it’s not without its flaws. My car is older, so to listen to my music or podcasts I have to plug my phone in using an auxiliary cable. Unfortunately, the cable is too fat to fit into the headphone jack with the case on, so I have to take the case off to plug in. I also have an off-brand charger in my room that doesn’t quite fit through the case’s hole for the lightning port. The official Apple earphones and charger do fit, however, so if you stick entirely to Apple products, you might not have to deal with this inconvenience. It’s also really easy to take the case off and put it back on. In the week I’ve had it, I’ve completely mastered the process, and taking the case off when I get into my car is second nature.

Also, I (thankfully) haven’t dropped my phone in the week I’ve had my Roxxlyn case, and don’t plan to drop it intentionally, so I can’t verify how well it actually protects my phone. While I’m guessing the stone is hardy enough to withstand a fall, it’s also pretty thin, so it’s possible it’d crack or chip under pressure. If and when I do accidentally drop my phone, I’ll be back to update this article.

Roxxlyn on iPhone screen

(Photo credit: Amanda Pillon)


Bottom Line

I’m totally obsessed with my Roxxlyn case, but is it really worth the more than $300 price tag? In my case, I think it absolutely is—but for a very particular reason. My iPhone 6 is working great for me, and thanks to my new case, I have no intentions of upgrading anytime soon. Why buy a new phone when my case convinces everyone it’s the latest model anyway? The price may be high, but that’s the cost of quality.

While I can’t know the strength of the case just yet, I’m not too worried about damaging my Roxxlyn. In all the years I’ve been using iPhones, I’ve somehow never cracked the screen. I intend to continue that streak.

And, though taking the case on and off all the time isn’t too much of a pain, I do plan to replace the cables in my life that are too big for the ports on the case. I don’t think that there’s a prettier case on the market, so I think the expense will be completely worth it.


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