Royal Baby Names: What Will Kate & William Pick?

The royal baby will be born any day now, and even though nothing official has been announced yet, we think she'll be a girl! What are your thoughts on royal baby names?

royal baby names

As soon as the baby is born, the baby will take the official title of His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge.  That's quite a mouthful for a baby royal!

We have a few ideas about what the baby' name might be if she's a girl. Which of these is your favorite? Vote in our poll at the bottom of the page!

  • Alexandra
  • Florence
  • Emma
  • Charlotte
  • Diana
  • Grace
  • Violet
  • Elizabeth
  • Sophia
  • Victoria


Prince William and Kate Middleton were given the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by the Queen as a wedding present! The baby will be the first ever Prince of Princess of Cambridge.

Once the baby is born, we might have to wait a bit longer to find out the royal baby's name. Prince Charles and Princess Diana took a whole week to name Prince William. Before than, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip took a month to name Charles!

The baby is officially due on Saturday, July 13. Vote on the baby name you think they might choose!

If the royal baby is a girl, what do you think her name will be?

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