How Rozei Turned Doubts About Long-Distance Relationships Into New Track, 'Crashing & Burning'

We've quickly fallen in love with the smooth sounds of singer-songwriter Rozei, and once you hear his bouncy, hip-hop studded brand of alt-rock, you will, too.

His latest single is the catchy "Crashing & Burning," out today, March 11, and the second we heard it, we just had to know what the song was really about. Lucky for us, we got the chance to speak with Rozei himself to find out precisely what inspired the track, and what its lyrics mean to him.

The Story Behind 'Crashing & Burning'

Rozei: I was just getting into a long-distance relationship. We had a lot of people doubting that it will be successful and that it would inevitably "crash and burn." This song is an attempt to mock the people who were doubting us, and a written version of my thought process and emotions throughout doing long-distance.


What 'Crashing & Bruning' Means

Rozei: This song means to me that love doesn't know distance. You can fall in love with someone across the world or right next door. It's still love. That's what it means to me, and what I hope it will mean to others.

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Rozei's Favorite Lyric

Rozei: "I just hope when I fall that you're right there when I land." Going into a relationship, you want somebody who is by your side through the highs and lows. This line is stating that even through our lows, I still want you right here with me.

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