The World Has a New Kind of Chocolate And, Yes, It's Pink

You've heard of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate but now there is a fourth type that is about to put all others to shame.

Created by Swiss cocoa producer, Barry Callebaut, ruby chocolate has been in the making for the past 13 years and is finally nearing it's worldwide launch.

Chocolate lovers and food bloggers alike will be completely infatuated with this new heavenly sweet all dressed in pink. Scroll below to find out everything we know about ruby chocolate so far:

A Hint of Berry

While dark chocolate is characteristically bitter and white chocolate has a milkiness to the taste, ruby chocolate promises to have a hint of berry fruitiness within the sweet dessert.

If you'd like to know just where this chocolate falls on the sweet scale, it's said to be less sugary than milk chocolate, but definitely sweeter than dark. Ruby is expected to have a light and smooth taste to it, making it the perfect sweet for warm spring and summer days.


100% Natural

If you're wondering where the berry flavor and pink hue come from, well, the best part about the ruby chocolate is that it's completely natural. The chocolate has been extracted from a new type of cocoa bean that produces the pink and fruity components. Just like white chocolate, this natural hue is where the new sweet treat derives it's name from.

While we enjoy a good berry-flavored candy any day, we can't wait to taste this new smooth chocolate that promises to have zero added artificial flavor and coloring.


A Big Age Gap

Ruby is the youngest sibling to the three former types of chocolate… by quite a bit. White chocolate previously held the title of baby as it was created about 80 years ago.

Some chocolate purists don't consider white chocolate among the other related sweets as it's made from cocoa butter rather than the cocoa powder itself, but our taste buds are happy to to allow it a spot in the chocolate family portrait.


Can You Say Insta Goals?

Ruby chocolate isn't set to hit markets for another 6+ months, but we're positive that once it does, this chocolate will take over Instagram with it's cute color and photogenic appeal.

Yes, we've seen pink chocolate before, but never has it been completely natural! This chocolate is speaking to us on a deep emotional level and will be sure to make it's mark on history.


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