We Tried Rude Cosmetics' 'Makeup Eraser' to Fix Our Facial Faux Pas

I'd like to think I have the basics of applying makeup down at this point—but even actual pros don't always stay between the lines.

Whether it's mastering that cat eye or perfectly arched brow, or getting that under-eye liner on sans smudging, putting on makeup can be quite the messy experience, regardless of your experience level.

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That's why, when I had the opportunity to review Rude's Surgically Precise Makeup Eraser, I said yes without hesitation. The cosmetics line is one of many being featured at FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show in Los Angeles on Oct. 4. As a promo for the massive event, Rude sent me their makeup eraser, along with two absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow palettes: C'est Fantastique and Blackjack in Bad Girl.

I've surprisingly never used Rude products before, but one look at their rich color palettes and I knew I'd have some creative fun, at the very least. But ultimately, the review was to focus on the makeup eraser.

The Product

The makeup eraser is incredibly lightweight and simple to assemble. It comes with four small, fine-tipped peg-shaped eraser refills, and all you need to do is pull off the polka dot lid and fit one of the pegs into the open slot. From there, an eraser liquid automatically emanates through the peg, allowing you to make your corrections wherever need be. The product is a well-priced $6, so whether you're satisfied with your results or not, it's not like you're wasting your hard-earned cash.


The Experience

If I were getting ready for a night on the town, I would've gone all out with a smokey eye, but because I was only going to the office today, with no evening plans later, I figured I'd opt for a middle-ground look. Not too subtle, but also not as though I'm headed to a cocktail party in a sparkly black dress straight from work.

I went with the C'est Fantastique palette, using Bonbon for my brow bone, Je T'adore on my lid, and Oh Là Là in the crease. My eyeliner smudged a bit, and with just a few quick blinks, my then-wet mascara already made an impression onto the upper part of my eye. Enter: makeup eraser. 


Drawing the clear product onto the "problem areas," so to speak, was a cinch. Instead of completely wiping out color from where the eraser was applied, it only removed one layer (the layer I needed erased). When my eye makeup application was complete, I did a quick swoop with the eraser under my eye. I found it to be much more effective than my usual doing with a concealer brush. I notice that when a concealer brush is used to remove excess product under the eyes, it ends up just rubbing the color in, not actually removing it. The eraser actually got rid of the excess, so that when I did add that final layer of concealer, it looked completely fresh.

I threw on some lip color (from a different cosmetics line), and headed out the door to work. When I got into the office, I had my colleague, Jade, take photos of me, and we were all impressed with how the final look turned out.


Bottom Line

I'm a fan of this product because it's so easy to take on the go. After long hours, our makeup tends to present itself haphazardly on the face, and the last thing we need is to look like we rolled out of bed with our makeup on from the night before. Given its lightweight, slim packaging, the makeup eraser can fit into even the smallest of clutches or pencil pouches.

While the product will indeed get a little dirty (or, a little dark from previous corrections), just a mild dab with a towel or napkin will help lighten up the peg. And while there will be some stained color, it won't affect future corrections from coming out smoothly. Also, the product contains plenty of eraser fluid, so no need to fear running out too easily. Just give it a quick shake to fill up the peg.

After further research, I learned that the eraser is also useful for cleaning up sloppy edges on the lips and under the brows. So, basically, if applied correctly, you should leave the house with your makeup looking totally in order.

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