How to Deal With Rumors

Rumors are the worst.

So much so, Adele has a song about it. But due to life's reality of people loving gossip, rumors are bound to happen. So what do you do when the rumor mill comes knocking at your door?

Keep scrolling for five ways to deal with the horrible untrue gossip that seems to be spreading through your world like wildfire.

1. Don't Panic

Sure, easier said than done, right? But, it's important not to panic when the gossip circles back to you. The truth is people are waiting to see your reaction. They are waiting to see you sweat. But for real, don't sweat it! You know very well this rumor is bogus, so carry yourself confidently as you brush past the petty. Remaining calm, cool and collected is the key to not stir the pot even more. Trust us.


2. Go Straight to the Source

If you know who started the rumor, don't be afraid to stick up for yourself. You may feel personally victimized by Regina George, so naturally your emotions are running high, but the key to positive communication and to fixing the chaos is a calm yet assertive conversation. Tell the person how you feel. Stay true to who you are, and feel good about standing your ground.

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3. Know You're in Good Company

Celebrities literally deal with rumors all of the time. They either set the record straight via social media or an interview, or most often, they stay under the radar until it blows over. The important thing to remember, in all of this, is it will all become last week's news. You just have to get through the storm until people no longer care. It will blow over and it will get better. Hang in there.


4. Talk to People You Love

Dealing with a rumor is hard to go through alone, especially because you already feel like the world is against you. Find comfort in your family and friends and the people who love you. They would never believe an untrue rumor about you anyway, so why pay any attention to the ones who do? Open up and talk to your family and friends. They will help you get through.

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5. Love Yourself

Lastly, and most importantly, don't forget to love yourself. When it seems like the rumor is out of control, it's easy to get down. Don't, because you know yourself better than anybody else. Give yourself love, and tell yourself how awesome you are. So many others before you and many others after you are experiencing and will experience unwanted gossip. In the end, it only makes you that much stronger.


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