Rupert Grint Talks Moving On And Donald Trump

In an interview with Parade Magazine this month, 22-year-old Rupert Grint discussed life post-Harry Potter.

"I haven't quite adjusted to life without Harry Potter. I'm really sad actually, I've missed it. But I think it's a good time really to kind of move on. It has been a long time. After ten years, I do kind of want to stretch a bit more and explore different characters and do different things."

In the latest Harry Potter movie, we get to see a much older Ron Weasley, but Rupert confesses he does not age particularly well.

"My hair is still red but I have a lot less of it. It was quite a shock when I saw myself in the mirror. I felt like I was looking at Donald Trump because they gave me that comb over that he has."

Rupert is currently working on "Wild Target", which he says is "…quite different from Harry Potter. There's a lot of car chases and shooting people and stuff, not to mention stunts where you're running and stumbling."

Speaking of Harry Potter, check out this awesome mash-up of clips from the new film, set to hit theaters November 19th:

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