7 Signs You're Trying to Rush Your Relationship

Every relationship moves at its own pace.

While some couples dive right in from day one, other duos need a little more time to fully establish their romance. You don't have to worry too much about the progression of your relationship… unless one partner is trying to move much faster than the other one.

So how do you know if you're trying to jump to the next step before your partner's ready? Keep scrolling for seven signs you're trying to rush your relationship.

You Had to Push for the Relationship

If you're trying to move your relationship forward too quickly, the signs appear pretty early on, usually before you're officially together. If you had to push for exclusivity, while your partner wanted to keep things casual for a while longer, you're definitely not on the same page. You shouldn't have to pressure someone into having a relationship with you. It starts your romance off on uneven ground, and it indicates that you're moving at a much faster pace than your S.O.


You're Already Planning a Future

We all want to have a future with someone we really care about. If not, there isn't much point to being in a relationship, is there? However, it's not something you can rush—you have to let your future plans develop naturally over time. If you've already planned out a whole life for you and your S.O., you're moving a little fast. It indicates that you're more interested in where your romance might go, instead of focusing on what's actually happening in the present moment. Beyond that, it also puts a lot of pressure on your relationship. Incorporating your S.O. into your future decisions without their input isn't healthy for any romance.


You Struggle to Be Apart

There's a difference between wanting to spend time with your S.O., and struggling to spend any time without them. We all want to be around the people we care about, but if you find that you feel genuinely anxious and unnerved when you and your S.O. are apart, it's not a good sign. Constantly texting, calling and asking to hang out doesn't give your relationship the space it needs to flourish. It also indicates that you're trying to achieve marriage levels of time together, despite the fact that you're still in the early stages of dating. It's healthy and natural to have a life outside of your S.O.—don't try to turn the two of you into a married couple when you're still struggling through your teen years.

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Relationship Thoughts Consume You

Worrying about a new romance is natural. Being consumed by nervous thoughts 24/7 is not. If you can't ever seem to rest easy in the interactions between you and your S.O., it indicates you don't have a solid foundation in place that would give you peace in your romance. Instead of building up to a serious relationship, you dove right in. Now, you find yourself second-guessing every conversation and stressing out about where your relationship might go. Rushing into a romance just means that you don't have a solid base to structure your relationship around. Constant anxiety is a pretty clear sign that you might have moved into a serious zone a little too quickly.


You Say Things Before You Feel Them

If you're trying to rush your relationship, you want to get to every milestone as quickly as humanly possible. It stems from a belief that moving into the serious parts of a relationship will provide stability for you and your partner. If you find that you often say things to say them, without any real feeling behind your words, you're moving way too fast. The most common example is saying those three little words before you're ready. While it might make your relationship more serious on the surface, it doesn't have any meaning unless you genuinely feel that way.


You're Ignoring Red Flags

When rushing into a relationship, you often have one goal—for things to work, no matter what the consequences might be. In pursuing that goal, you're often willing to overlook numerous red flags that might otherwise lead you to end your romance. If you're constantly pushing aside doubts about your significant other, the two of you may be hurrying into a relationship before you're really ready. You need time to get to know each other and to truly consider your compatibility. If you're pushing away your uncertainties for the sake of building a happy romance, you may want to reconsider how quickly your relationship is moving.


People Are Telling You It's Moving Fast

Last, but not least, you should be willing to hear the opinions of those around you. Sometimes other people can see what we can't, so if you're constantly told how quickly your relationship is progressing, you should listen. People don't often say things just to say them. Being told that your relationship is moving fast probably means it's moving fast. Be willing to listen to those who care about you, and make adjustments to your relationship accordingly.


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