We Can't Wait to Buy Ruthie Davis' New Line of Disney 'Power Princess' Shoes

There's no denying that we've all had dreams of being a princess at one time or another.

Now, Ruthie Davis is bringing our princess fantasies a little closer to reality with her new line of Disney "power princess" shoes—and we're guessing they're a little bit more durable than Cinderella's glass slippers.

Seven Dwarfs Ruthie Davis Booties

(via Ruthie Davis)

Since the launch of her footwear brand in 2006, Ruthie Davis has created shoes that have resonated with some of our favorite girl bosses, including Lady Gaga and Zendaya. After she created her Minions shoes in fall 2016, Disney approached the creative designer and asked to work with her, resulting in our new favorite footwear line—the Ruthie Davis x Disney Princess collection.

In this new line, Ruthie seeks to capture the powerful aspects of our favorite princesses, from the kind determination of Snow White, to the strong work ethic of Cinderella.

Over the next few years, Ruthie will cycle through all 11 Disney princesses as important milestones arise. First up is her new Snow White capsule collection, which will launch on Jan. 15, 2018 at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, in honor of the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

Scroll below to see the eight new styles in this stunning and magical collection.

Heart & Dagger: $798

These stunning Heart & Dagger stilettos are a not-so-subtle reference to the queen's command to the huntsman regarding a sharp knife and Snow White's own heart.

Ruthie Davis Heart & Dagger

(via Ruthie Davis)


Rotten Apple: $598

The Rotten Apple stilettos are a gentle reminder that you definitely shouldn't take food from strangers, especially if they randomly show up at your house and insist that you eat it.

Rotten Apple Ruthie Davis

(via Ruthie Davis)


Diamond Mine: $498

These Diamond Mine heels provide a more understated reference to the dwarfs' daily job of mining for precious jewels.

Ruthie Davis Diamond Mine

(via Ruthie Davis)


Friend of the Forest: $598

Another subtle reference, these heels are a sweet reminder of Snow White's budding friendships with all the adorable animals she meets in the forest.

Ruthie Davis Friend of the Forest

(via Ruthie Davis)


The Fairest: $698

Created with beautifully embroidered flowers, these heels reference Snow White's stunning beauty, and the jealously that got her into trouble.

The Fairest Ruthie Davis

(via Ruthie Davis)


Good vs. Evil: $698

You'll have to watch out when you don these black booties, as the battle between good and evil will be taking place right at your feet.

Good vs. Evil Ruthie Davis

(via Ruthie Davis)


Seven Dwarfs: $798

Created in Snow White's signature blue, these booties will keep all seven of the dwarfs close by, so even Dopey can stay out of trouble.

Seven Dwarfs

(via Ruthie Davis)


Grumpy: $498

Covered in references to Snow White's many adventures, these retro joggers are the perfect way to wrap all your Snow White love into a shoe-sized package.

Grumpy Ruthie Davis

(via Ruthie Davis)

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