Ryan Newman Discusses See Dad Run's Second Season!

See Dad Run star Ryan Newman chatted with us on the set of the show to talk family and tease the second season of the show!Ryan Newman

"The show is about Scott Baio, who plays my dad, and he was a TV star for ten years," Ryan said. "Then his show ends and he comes home and he basically has to learn how to be a dad again and get to know his kids."

Ryan explained the show is all about the mishaps he encounters taking care of his kids. Ryan plays the role of teenage daughter Emily Hobbs,

"I play a teenager going through the same thing that every teenager goes through," she said. "I'm going through the same stuff that she is."

While Emily is the oldest in the family on See Dad Run, Ryan has just one older sister in real life, making her the youngest.

"It's a very different dynamic between siblings," Ryan said. "It's awesome. I love it. I mean I always wanted younger siblings, and I get them now. You get to boss them around a little bit."

On See Dad Run, Ryan gets to experience what it's like to have a brother from her interaction with the character Joe, played by Jackson Brundage.

What's it like to have a brother?

"Boys are different, especially younger boys like that," Ryan said. "It's a lot of fun though."

Ryan Newman said that she and her character Emily Hobbs have a lot in common.

"We're so similar!" she said.

However, she did say that she and Emily are very different in the ways they relate to their families. Whereas Ryan is the younger sibling, Emily is the oldest of three. Ryan is also very close with her parents.

"I don't think she's as close with them," Ryan said of her character, Emily. "She's more like a normal teenager who's kind of distant from her parents. She's also just getting to know her dad again and letting him in finally in season 2."

Ryan told us that she can turn to both of her real-life parents for help or much-needed parental advice.

"My dad can fix anything," Ryan said. "Like, he hangs chandeliers in our house. If there's something broken, or if there's a bug, I call my dad."

"Anything personal, anything from how I'm feeling, or if I'm overwhelmed, I go to my mom," Ryan said. "Or clothes or hair or anything like that."

The second season of See Dad Run starts Sunday, September 8th at 8pm!

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