Ryan Newman Advocates Girl Power at Girltopia!

Ryan Newman plays the role of Emily Hobbs on Nick@Nite's See Dad Run, and is also a major girl power advocate! Ryan Newman

Ryan attended the Girl Scout's Girltopia event earlier this month, where she spoke with Sweety High about why the event was so important!

"Girltopia means a lot to me," Ryan said. "It's about girl empowerment and helping girls through life and growing up."

Ryan Newman was a part of BYOU Magazine's Celebrity "Girl Talk" panel at Girltopia, where  celebs dished on the issues that girls face.

"I'm really excited to be here to talk to these girls and shed some light on their daily struggles," she said.

Ryan especially wanted to get across the message that girls should support other girls.

"Girl power is beyond important," Ryan said. "I was in regular school, and I know that girls can be vicious. Bullying is a big problem. If girls are kind to each other, it makes the world a lot easier."

Ryan said she was super excited to get to be a part of Girltopia.

"I love helping people in any way that I can," she said. "I'm big on girl empowerment and helping girls. I've learned a lot so I can't wait to tell them what I've learned and try to help them."

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