22 Times Rydel Lynch Was Our Queen On Her 22nd Birthday!

We want to wish the happiest of birthdays to the coolest R5 keyboardist around and recent bookazine author, Rydel Lynch! The musician turns 22 today and we wish her nothing but the most amazing day ever. Here are some of our favorite things about Rydel in honor of her bday.

1. She has an amazing sense of style. We'd love to raid her closet.

2. She's so fierce and confident that she looks amazing every single day of the year.

3. She can take a jumpsuit to a whole different level.

4. Her hair game is totally unbeatable.

5. And her style has ALWAYS been on point.

6. Her love of Minions is too adorbs. She def needs to be made into a minion since we're lacking in the female minions department.

7. Don't even get us started on how cute her relationship with Ellington is!

8. And we love that she appreciates a guy with smarts.

9. Rydel is all about girl power, which we totally love.

10. We had NO idea Rydel could write and was full of so much wisdom, but Rock Your Life majorly inspired us.

11. And we fantasize about being part of her squad.

12. We mean, who wouldn't want to attend of these legendary tea parties?

13. And she's BFFs with Laura Marano and Raini Rodriguez, so she must be doing something right.

14. She knows how to enjoy the simpler things in life.

15. She's always on the lookout for the next perfect photo opp.

16. Rydel is never not the life of the party.

17. She's definitely not afraid of being a huge goofball.

18. And she doesn't take anything for granted!

19. Her constant support for her brothers is actual sibling goals.

20. And she comes from a long line of amazing ladies.

21. But nothing beats her love for the R5Family.

21. After all, she's never, ever is too busy to stop for a fan!


Happy Birthday, Rydel! Leave your own birthday message for Rydel in the comments below.