I Followed Rydel Lynch's Unicorn Makeup Tutorial and Here's What Happened

I'm just going to come out and say it, I'm obsessed with Rydel Lynch.

From the music she creates with R5, to her chic style, she's easily one of the coolest people on the planet—and she doesn't even try!

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Lately I've found myself binge-watching her videos on her recently-created YouTube channel. My favorite vids are the beauty tutorials she uploads, because I'm all about trying to emulate her trendy demeanor.

The one that really stood out to me was, of course, her unicorn makeup tutorial, so I attempted to recreate the look on myself. Here's what happened when I followed Rydel's step-by-step guidelines for doing unicorn makeup!

Like Rydel, I started off by putting foundation, powder and a hint of blush on my face as a base for what was to come.

Girl with a fresh makeup look

(Fresh face for days)

Next, I added some black eyeliner to the tops of my lids, as Rydel suggested I do.

This took me some time to get right, for I am completely terrible at applying the product. After a few attempts, it finally turned out the way I wanted.

Blonde girl wearing black eyeliner on her lids

(Eyeliner? More like eye don't know how to use this thing!)

Once the eyeliner was on my lids, it was time to glob some primer all over them to hold the glitter in place.

I opted for a purple glitter because it matched my shirt and would bring out the color of my eyes!

Purple glitter and NYX Cosmetics glitter primer

(Yes, the glitter did get everywhere)

Things got pretty messy when I started to layer the glitter on my eyelids, but luckily it ended up turning out okay.

Blonde girl wearing purple glitter on her eyelids

(Twinkle, twinkle little star! Oh how bright my eyelids are!)

I then moved onto putting the same color of glitter on my lips.

In this case, I applied lip gloss all over my mouth to use as a glitter adhesive.

Purple glitter next to plumping lip gloss

(Plump up those lips!)

Smearing the glitter on my lips was about as messy as I expected. At least my lips looked sparkly as can be!

Purple glitter on girl's lips

(Sparkle and shine)

To complete the look, I added some highlighter to my complexion, because as Rydel points out in her tutorial, "unicorns are glowy!"

Just like that, my unicorn makeup look was finished—voila!

Girl wearing Rydel Lynch's unicorn makeup look

(I'm a sparkly unicorn!)

Overall, the look wasn't that difficult to recreate and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I felt totally magical after all was said and done.

I'm not sure I'll be rocking the glittery lips any time soon, but I do think I'll be sporting some sparkly lids the next time I hit up a concert or have a girl's night out.


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