9 Reasons Rydel Lynch Should Be Your #WCW

Our obsession with R5 is getting slightly out of hand, and of course Rydel Lynch is one of the biggest reasons we adore the band. Here are 9 huge reasons she's our Woman Crush Wednesday this week!

1. She's been a fashion icon basically since birth

baby rydel lynch wcw

2. She sets the bar for our hair goals

rydel lynch hair goals wcw

3. And totally knows how to rock daring pink bangs

rydel lynch wcw pink bangs

4. Because she's a fabulous musician, as well as a music lover

rydel lynch wcw music lover and fashion icon

5. Because silly Rydel is the best Rydel there is

wacky face rydel lynch wcw

6. And she's not the slightest bit afraid of accessorizing 

rydel lynch wcw fierce accessorizing

7. She's an adventurous eater

rydel lynch wcw sushi

8. She rocks her 80s movies references

rydel lynch wcw breakfast club 80s references

9. And last but not least, because we ship Rydellington hard

rydellington rydel lynch ellington ratliff wcw

(Images via Rydel and R5's Instagram pages)

For even more reasons to be obsessed with Rydel, check out our girl power-themed interview with her here. You can also join our R5Family community at SweetyHigh.com!