14 Photos That Prove Rydellington Is A Thing

R5 drummer Ellington Ratliff turns 22 today! We totally ship Ratliff with bandmate Rydel Lynch, so we're celebrating the big day with our fav photos of the two… let us know if we missed any!

1. On ice!

2. Time doesn't exist at the airport! 10am is definitely not too early to get Pinkberry

3. Rocking out in Poland

4. Cheering on Riker, Rocky, Ross and Ryland at their celebrity hockey game

5. Looking too cool

6. Sharing a love for '80s cinema

7. Having a Lady and The Tramp moment with this milkshake

8. Adoring Ed Sheeran together

9. Appearing together in GL

10. Sharing a moment on this date 2 years ago!

11. Coastal rollerblading!

12. Sweet tea selfie

13. Showing their Super Bowl support

14. Movie time at Sundance

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