Get Into the Fall Spirit by Listening to These Cozy New Tunes

When Friday comes around, there's only one thing on our mind—new music.

This week we're absolutely digging some tunes from our girls Daya and Sabrina Carpenter, but also a few tracks from some artists you need to know.

Bundle up and check out our five fave New Music Friday releases below.

Girl dressed up in fall clothing listening to music in front of a yellow wall

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1. "Good News" by Ocean Park Standoff

The world is in a bit of a weird place right now to say the least. Indie band Ocean Park Standoff hit the nail on the head with what we all need to hear right now—some good news.


2. "Dare" by Daya

We've been listening to pop singer-songwriter Daya's debut album Sit Still, Look Pretty all day today, and we've got to say, "Dare" is by far our fave track. So go ahead and listen for yourself. We dare ya!


3. "Thumbs" by Sabrina Carpenter

Only eight days until pop singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter's new album Evolution is brought into this world. Judging from the release of her new tune "Thumbs," we're in for quite the treat. The poppy-bluesy track is a new side of Sabrina we haven't heard yet, but we're all for it.


4. "All to Myself" by Amber Coffman

Indie artist Amber Coffman's retro-styled single "All to Myself" is the perfect reminder that sometimes you need to be your own best friend. Take this song's advice and look inwards when you're feeling lost and alone.


5. "Last Ones" by Amaal Nuux

Singer-songwriter Amaal Nuux's lyrics in her uplifting anthem "Last Ones" are sure to inspire you. Stand up and let your voice be heard!


And below is a Spotify playlist of these tunes so you can listen to them whenever you feel fitting.


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