The Best Tragically Sad Songs to Use as TikTok Sounds

TikTok is the first place we go to when we're in search of good, new music.

From whimsical tunes to heartwrenching ballads, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Lately, though, we've been really into the sad genre! Whether we're posting a nostalgic video or need a sad song to go along with our latest clip, TikTok has an array of desolate songs to choose from. Continue below to get a look at the most tragic and sad songs to use as TikTok songs.

'Tell Me Why I'm Waiting' by Timmies/Shiloh

"Tell Me Why I'm Waiting" currently has over 751k videos with the sound, so it's no stretch to say it's quite popular! We've noticed it's mainly used for videos of a person waiting for something that's never going to happen.

@petkingdomtiktok After seeing him like this. I went home immediately😭😭#dog #goldenretriever #dogsofttiktok #lonely #sad #doggo #doglover #doglove #cutedog #dogvideos #dogdaily #pet #foryou #fyp #memes ♬ Tell Me Why I'm Waiting – Timmies/Shiloh


'Dancing With Your Ghost' by Sasha Alex Sloan

"Dancing With Your Ghost" is such a tragic song, but we can't stop listening to it. It's been popping up constantly on our For You pages with over 3.2 million uses. Whether you're missing someone who's no longer in your life or are thinking back to a memory with a lost loved one, this is the perfect sound to use.

@maisiekane Reply to @bianca.martinez_ ♬ Dancing With Your Ghost – Sasha Alex Sloan


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'Depressed' by Leanboys

"Depressed" by Leanboys seems to feature the beat of Gene Wilder's "Pure Imagination," and we're here for it. It's catchy but depressing at the same time and can match the vibe of all sorts of videos. And with about 100k videos and counting, we think it's about to be all over everyone's For You pages.

@black.paw.sanji We are now over $7000 in on vet bills. I'm officially asking for help, I just want him better. please check out my bio to help us out #DeserveADrPepperDuet #OscarsAtHome #WomenOwnedBusiness #recovery #SeeHerGreatness #labsoftiktok #parvo #fyp #help #vetbillsareexpensive ♬ Depressed – Leanboys



The Kid LAROI is one of our absolute favorite artists, mainly because of his ability to act pop in one song and down in the blues in the next. And "WITHOUT YOU" just might be his best, sad song ever. It's no wonder there are over 2.4 million uses of the sound on TikTok!

@ljy510832119 🥰Tiger is man's good friend🥰#animals #tiger #lion ♬ WITHOUT YOU – The Kid LAROI


'In The End – Mellen Gi Remix' by Tommee Profitt, Fleurie and Mellie Gi

The Mellin Gi remix of "In The End" is just too good for its own good. With 5.8 million videos using this sound, it's quickly become one of the most popular videos on the platform. We like that it can be used in all sorts of videos from POVs to tutorials, scenic views and more.

@waterandlight Explosive #beauty #power #beach #vibes ♬ In The End – Mellen Gi Remix – Tommee Profitt & Fleurie & Mellen Gi


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'Still Don't Know My Name' by Labrinth

If you're a fan of Euphoria or even just Euphoria-inspired content on TikTok, then you've definitely heard "Still Don't Know My Name." This sound has 1.4 million uses and counting, and we just love watching how creative people are with the sound. It's super popular in the makeup community!

@mimiermakeupI miss this sound♬ Still Don't Know My Name – Labrinth


'Lonely' by Justin Bieber and benny blanco

Justin Bieber and benny blanco's "Lonely" is the ultimate sad-girl song. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of a breakup or need a sound to help you cry, this one with over 760k uses will get the job done.

@markpaint Tearful eyes😣#fyp #foryoupage #eyes #painting #drawing ♬ Lonely – Justin Bieber & benny blanco


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'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi

"Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi is a sound that has a whopping 1.3 million uses and counting. It's one of those songs you can easily cry to, whether it's sad in a happy way, or sad in a sad way—you know what we mean?

@bubbaswees Emotional family reunion. My mom hugging my brother for the first time in 8.5 weeks 🥺♥️ #fyp #xyzbca #airforce #tapout #reunited #basictraining ♬ Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi


'Love Is Gone (Acoustic)' by SLANDER and Dylan Matthew

The acoustic version of "Love Is Gone" is truly something special. It will get you right in the feels and with 1.2 million videos using the sound, other people feel the same way. It's used a lot in videos where people are suffering from heartache.

@coach_slim🥺♬ Love Is Gone (feat. Dylan Matthew) (Acoustic) – SLANDER, Dylan Matthew


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'Can We Kiss Forever' by Kina

The tune of "Can We Kiss Forever" is honestly just magical. It's a great sound to use when you need to get your feelings across in a video. And with 10.2 million uses of the sound, you've likely come across it on your For You page a number of times.

@rumiuae #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #fypg #rumiuae #papa #videooftheday #daddys #girl #raise your hands ❤️ #karachi #pakistan ♬ Can We Kiss Forever? – Kina


'Glimpse of Us' by Joji

Joji's "Glimpse of Us" is a stunning and powerful song about a broken heart, and being in a new relationship that only reminds you of what you've lost. It's recently grown to become one of TikTok's most popular sounds, and while it's great for sentimental or emotional moments, it's versatile enough to be used pretty much anywhere else, too.

@hugoandursula♬ Glimpse of Us – Joji


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